Structured Data Helper

Using structured data on your website is a clear way to convey contextual information to search engines. Structured Data can make you eligible for Rich Results that stand out in the SERPs - meaning you get more high quality clicks to your page.

Install as Chrome plugin  

Structured Data helps us answer important questions like
- Who is the author?
- What is the purpose of this video and who created it?
- Which organization is behind this service?

All information that is crucial towards helping a search engine better understand your content, or providing users with more added value within your search snippet, can be added with structured data.

You don't need to be a pro to add structured data, but validating is an important part of the process! You need to properly validate your mark-up, provide the required properties, and correctly nest Structured Data in a logical sense. Checking these points off in a fast and efficient way can be a hassle, which is why the Ryte Structured Data Helper extension is here to assist you with better validation and visualization.

How to use the Ryte Structured Data Helper:

Ryte Structured Data Helper

Structured Data Helper: image preview