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Technical SEO Audit

The digital checklist „Technical SEO Audit” helps you check your website regarding to SEO.

With this eBook you get a comprehensive technical overview of a webpage. Perfect for short site clinics or check-ups to review the technical condition of a website.

Download this eBook for free:

  • For agencies who care for many projects
  • For in-house SEOs who check their website regularly
  • Technical SEO for beginners and career changers
  • 100% free to make your work easier

About the authors:

Irina Hey is product owner acquisition at Ryte. With many years of experience as a passionate online marketing expert, she has published various articles about website optimization in relevant books and journals.

Marcus Tandler is a co-founder and managing director of Ryte, the award-winning software for your digital marketing success. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world, such as TEDx , LeWeb, The Next Web, SMX and O'Reilly's web2.0expo.

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