Guest author contract

Ryte Magazine

Ryte GmbH
Paul-Heyse-Str. 27
80336 München

- hereinafter referred to as the "Customer" -


* Mandatory

- hereinafter referred to as the "Guest Blogger" -


§1 Object of the contract

After consultation with Customer Ryte GmbH, the Guest Blogger will undertake the creation of texts with the topic agreed upon in the preliminary stage, as well as images and other contents ("guest blogging"). These contents serve an advertising purpose in the blog on the customer's website, www.ryte.com. Reproduction in other publications as well as forwarding or resale to third parties is forbidden.

The topic of the articles is recommended by the Guest Blogger and established together with the Customer. The written text must first be released for publication by a responsible party of the Customer. The publication of the text in the blog as well as the editing of the written content is done by the Customer.

The Guest Blogger is obligated to deliver at least one article per month to the Customer. If the Guest Blogger cannot or does not want to create one text per month as agreed, he or she must notify the Customer thereof by mail, fax, or email.

§2 Usage rights

The Guest Blogger grants the Customer the comprehensive, spatial, and content-related unlimited usage rights for the use of the texts created in print and online in its own offerings, as well as the forwarding/resale to third parties. The Customer is authorized to edit the contractor's text. The texts created by him or her nevertheless cannot be provided under a pseudonym or another name.

§ 3 Compensation and Settlement

The creation of the texts and the granting of rights is compensated as a lump sum with a package allowance of 100 Euros plus VAT if applicable. There is no additional compensation for images and other contents. There is no compensation for design. In addition, the Customer makes an advertising budget for the promotion of the written text available in the amount of 100 Euros. The Customer is obligated to issue this amount for the promotional purposes of the respective article on the Facebook platform. The Customer undertakes promotion.

Invoicing always takes place on the 1st of every month and includes all texts and other contents that were published in the previous month. The Guest Blogger will create an invoice for this at the beginning of the month. Payment will take place on the 15th of the invoiced month. The settlement of fees takes place in individual cases only with prior consultation.

§4 Liability

The Guest Blogger ensures that with the creation of the texts he or she has does not infringe upon any third-party rights (in particular copyright, image, and property rights). The Guest Blogger releases the Customer from all damages owing to a breach of rights.

§5 Termination

This contract can be terminated by both sides without the necessity of providing a reason with two weeks' notice from the end of the month. In the case of a failure to uphold an agreed-upon deadline or a performance such as the payment of an open invoiced amount, the contract can be withdrawn from at any time. Existing individual orders as well as concluded orders are not affected by a termination.

§6 Other

Changes to the contract must be made in writing. Munich is the agreed upon as the place of jurisdiction. If a clause of this contract should be unfeasible, the remaining clauses remain unaffected.

After sending, you will receive mail with a confirmation link that completes your contract. Please check your mailbox!