A Guide for Ryte Magazine Authors

What you should keep in mind when writing for the Ryte Magazine.

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About Ryte

Ryte stands for professional quality management of websites. The focus of the web-based tool is sustainable optimization for search engines: the special analysis software goes through internet sites or online shops in search for error sources and optimization potential. With Ryte website owners can crawl the contents of their website and make it visible to search engines.

The Ryte Magazine

In the Ryte Magazine, we write about digital marketing topics to educate our readers. We publish articles by specialist authors who give practical insights into digital marketing, positioning themselves as an expert in their field. The Ryte magazine has over 10,000 subscribers, and a monthly readership of 100,000.

The magazine contains the following categories:

Technical SEO
Content Marketing
Organic Search
Google Topics
Mobile SEO
Marketing Practices
Ryte Events
Social Media
User Experience
Voice Search

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If you would like to become an author for us, please suggest a topic that would fit into one of the above categories, and we will review and discuss with you.

As an author for the Ryte magazine, hopefully you’ll write at least one article per month, but we are flexible: you can write as often as you like!

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The articles

Our specialist articles provide helpful insights into areas of online marketing. The articles are practical and offer the readers useful advice. If possible, all articles should include concrete practical tips.

The writing style should be informal, but avoid using slang. Always make sure articles are backed up with proven facts, and link any sources and references directly in the text.

Structure of an article

Think of a catchy title that will draw readers to the article. Always then start with a short excerpt that should encourage the reader to keep reading. Use appropriate subheadings and images.

On the right hand side of the text, there is an author box with some information about you, and links to your social media channels and personal website. Below the article, we give the readers the opportunity to share the article on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. There is also a comments function for authors and readers to exchange information and to provide direct feedback.


For your author profile, we need a profile picture, a short description of you (maximum 330 characters) and links to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or to your personal website. You are also welcome to send us a suitable featured image for your article, but this isn’t compulsory.

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If you’re interested in becoming an expert author for the Ryte Magazine and offering our readers exciting content, register here and submit a sample text about a digital marketing topic of your choice (maximum 400 words).