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About Ryte

Ryte is an award-winning SaaS company headquartered in Munich, Germany and one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe. Ryte helps businesses and agencies optimize their website with its state-of-the-art software products.

Ryte Magazine is a free online resource for digital marketers

The Ryte Magazine is a free online resource from Ryte. The goal of the magazine is to provide readers best practice and how tos to help make their website the best it can be.

We specialize in content on website optimization, content marketing, and search performance, but also welcome expert-level articles on the following topics:

Our magazine is fueled by the knowledge of digital marketers from around the world. Are you ready to add your two cents? Apply to write an article or become a regular contributor.

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Why should you write for us?

Exposure: Position yourself as an expert and build your thought leadership! You’ll receive exposure on our website with an author profile and the chance to have your article translated into 3 additional languages.

Reach: Our magazine has 50,000 unique visitors each month. Your article will be shared on our Facebook page with 25,000+ followers and other social media platforms.

Marketing: To thank you for a great article, we will offer you 2 Dofollow links per article (granted they add value in the context of the article).

Guidelines for being accepted as a guest author

Articles that won’t be accepted:Articles we love:
Why you need SEO in 2019Why edge SEO should be your next step in technical
How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Your BusinessJavaScript SEO - Easy Best Practice Guide
Forming a Strategy That Your Client Will Understand5 common international SEO mistakes websites should leave behind in 2019


  1. Apply through the form below if you are interested in becoming a guest author.
  2. Our marketing team will check your application. If we think your experience and writing style is a good fit for the Ryte Magazine, we will email you back.
  3. Suggest some topic ideas. Please suggest at least 3 topics that would fit into one of our magazine categories.
  4. Submit an outline of your article. After we've decided on a topic, please send a short outline of the article. Once approved, we will send you a contract.
  5. Write the article. You can work on the article directly in Wordpress (access data will be sent via email). When the article is ready, you can release it to us by clicking "Propose".
  6. Send us your author profile. For your author profile, we need a profile picture, a short description (maximum 330 characters) and links to your professional social channels, like Twitter and LinkedIn, or to your website.
  7. We will publish & promote your guest article. Once approved, we will publish and promote your article.
  8. We may translate your article. If we see that your article is particularly interesting to our English readers, there’s a chance that we will translate it into German, French, and/or Spanish.
  9. Regularly contribute as a guest author. As an author for the Ryte magazine, hopefully, you’ll write at least one article per month, but we're flexible: you can write as often as you like! This process typically shortens (i.e. we won't need to see an outline) after establishing yourself as one of our frequent authors.

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