Website Performance

Do you want to make your website faster? With Ryte, you can analyze various performance factors and apply exactly where there are still speed problems.

  • Measure the loading times of individual URLs
  • Identification of PageSpeed ​​error sources
  • Helpful hints for speed optimization
  • Overview of compressed files
  • Display documents that are too large

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Important factors for better loading times

Page Speed Monitoring

Page Speed Monitoring

Monitor your individual URLs using Ryte. At a glance, you can see which pages load fast and which are very slow or even timeout. Make sure your site is always accessible to your visitors.

Javascript and CSS

Javascript and CSS

Javascript and CSS files usually require a lot of resources, so it can often happen that the pages load much slower. With a special report at Ryte, you can consciously control it. Identify which javascript and CSS files are too large and compress them. Our software automatically shows you what is still worthwhile.



If the files of the web page are too large, there are ways to compress them. With GZip or Deflate. A special report with Ryte shows you which files of the website were compressed and which method was used. So you always have a good overview of your compressed files.

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