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  • An international e-commerce business doubled non-branded keyword traffic in every market.
  • A German publisher increased clicks and impressions in Google by 1500%.
  • An SEO agency doubled their business capacities.

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with Ryte: 1,500% growth in one year
Development of clicks (blue) and impressions (turquoise) on Google.
Source: Google Search Console

Our clicks and impressions in Google increased by 1500%. We achieved and maintained our digital success with Ryte.

Case Study

This is how a health portal mylife.de successfully launched and maintained a new website with Ryte

We wanted at least 1,000 high-quality articles to be available for the go-live, and we wanted to be able to continuously develop and optimize the platform. This was easy with Ryte.

Before going live, we created two projects in Ryte - one for the testing environment and one for the live environment. We wanted to ensure all technical requirements were met, and that all bugs were fixed.

We launched the website successfully.

Ryte now helps us to evaluate all key figures relevant for success, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console data. With Ryte, we can also easily analyze status codes to find broken pages and redirects, and analyze heading and title structure to weed out long meta titles and descriptions.


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Ryte provides holistic data for monitoring, analysis and optimization of your website. The three modules Website Success, Content Success and Search Success help you to leverage your digital business and improve your overall performance.

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