Daniel Herndler

Daniel Herndler

Daniel works as senior SEO manager at Get On Top GmbH in Salzburg. His favorite topics are conversational and semantic search. Daniel also admits to being a true TV series junkie – as a huge “Game of Thrones” and “House of Cards” fan, he is already plotting his move to the Seven Kingdoms.

Contributions by Daniel Herndler:

5 min 15.11.2017

Google's Featured Snippets: A Practical Guide

Google displays Featured Snippets in the search results for specific search queries. This article gives a useful overview of the different types of featured snippets, and how you can optimize your content to improve your chances of your website being displayed as a featured snippet.

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1 min 28.03.2017

SEO for Amazon's Alexa - More Orders via the Personal Voice Assistant

Alexa, the digital and personal voice assistant in Amazon Echo, has already been active in households and offices for several months even in this country.

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3 min 18.10.2016

Google keyword planner – More precise data in the search volume despite the update

For a long time, the Google AdWords Keyword Planner was the first contact point for keyword research for many online marketers. In August, Google released important changes in the tool, which will influence the output of search volumes.

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5 min 02.09.2016

Outbound links – What you need to know

Outbound links, i.e. links from one website to another, are the basis for today’s networked online world.

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3 min 06.07.2016

Heads up! Errors that you should avoid in your internal links

Internal link structures guide search engines through the depths of a website and represent connections between the individual webpages. Therefore, they have a major impact on the OnPage SEO due to the link juice distribution within the website.

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5 min 27.06.2016

Google Panda – How to accurately determine the quality attributes of web content

The Google Panda update is a filter in Google’s algorithm that is used to evaluate websites in the Google search index. It devalues websites that have poor quality content and promotes the ones that have high-quality content.

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4 min 20.06.2016

Google News Optimization – How to get your website into the vertical search

Google News is a free service that was introduced by Google in 2002 to enable users to search for global news. The service allows Google to give users the possibility to search for news in a vertical search as well as go directly to specific topics in the search results.

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5 min 17.06.2016

Handling of the new top-level domains in the Google search

New top-level domains (TLDs) are currently on everyone’s minds. Many webmasters and companies are already using .travel or .business domain endings for their online marketing strategies. But are there any differences in how these new domains are handled in search engines compared to old domains (.com, .net., etc.)?

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4 min 20.05.2016

Google Analytics Autotrack

Google introduced a new function on Google Analytics in mid-February: Autotrack. This article shows for whom this function is suited and how Autotrack can be integrated into the website.

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4 min 29.04.2016

Scroll Tracking Analysis using Google Analytics

Scroll tracking gives you vital insights into user behavior on your website. Determining and analyzing user behavior on a website and using this knowledge for your online success is an important part of online marketing.

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6 min 10.03.2016

SEO Trends 2016 – Watch out for these 3 factors

It’s hard to believe – but 2016 is already well over 2 months old. Right at the outset, Google drew our attention to several changes and updates.

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