Jamie Beach

Jamie Beach

As Ryte's content manager for English, Jamie wrangles words on web. A background in sports journalism and tech marketing makes him a passionate advocate for organic search traffic. Jamie comes from the UK and is based in Munich, where he enjoys mangling the German language and all manner of outdoor sports, especially cycling.

Contributions by Jamie Beach:

2 min 13.09.2022

Google releases core update for September 2022

Rollout expected to take two weeks to complete; no indications yet on which sites are likely to be affected; release follows August’s Helpful Content Update.

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2 min 12.09.2022

Google updates guidance on meta descriptions

Key examples given of the four most common mistakes site owners make with their meta descriptions, and how to correct them for better clickthrough rates.

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1 min 01.08.2022

[Quiz] Search intent – how good are you at spotting it?

See if you can correctly identify the search intent for all 8 keywords. Warning: contains alpacas and trick questions.

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