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Shulan Wang & Marcus Pentzek

Shulan Wang has been working in the field of search engine optimization since 2013. Today, she works as an expert for Baidu SEO at Jademond Digital. Her specialty is keyword research, keyword dominance strategy development and integration with search engine marketing and “official website” optimization. Besides SEO, she enjoys watching cooking shows and cooking for her family.
Marcus Pentzek is Chief SEO Consultant at Searchmetrics. He lived and worked in China for two years and since then the Middle Kingdom is also one of his core topics in SEO. He even co-authored a book on the topic SEO for China, which you can find on Amazon.

Contributions by Shulan Wang Markus Pentzek:

9 min 29.09.2022

[Study] Does Baidu SERP domination make SEO impossible in China?

With videos, ads and other Google services dominating search results in the West, our guest authors take a look at how China compares. Does Baidu give website operators similar treatment for SERP real estate, and how is it possible to win visibility?

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3 min 29.09.2022

Baidu services explained, and how they look in the SERPs

The Chinese search engine offers a wide range of services, from maps to video, content creation and many more. Anyone using Baidu will see many of them appear in the search results for a given keyword. We take a look through 17 of these services.

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