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14 min 26/04/2017

PageSpeed Optimization: How Can I Improve My Website’s Loading Time?

When you’re surfing the web, nothing is more annoying than a website that loads slowly. It’s also not a good sign for Google and, for shop operators, every millisecond more of loading time means losses in sales.

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6 min 25/04/2017

User Behavior and Conversion Optimization – Behavior Models for More Conversions

Conversion optimization is one of the biggest challenges facing online shop operators. It’s so much easier to organize and acquire visits to your shop than it is to get those visitors to also order in the shop.

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6 min 19/04/2017

XXL Guide: Status Codes and Their Consequences

If you cannot reach a website or if an image cannot be opened, there is a mistake somewhere. Error pages and "dead links" are a nuisance – for search engines and users.

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6 min 06/04/2017

XXL Snippet Guide

How are rich snippets and "normal" snippets differentiated in the Google search results? How do I ensure that my web presence is evaluated through ratings, stars, photos, or other information?

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10 min 05/04/2017

Common SEO Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Search engine optimization is continuous work and only ensures long-lasting success when many individual steps align. Even small errors can cause big problems in the SEO "gearbox".

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1 min 04/04/2017

Infographic: Page Speed

Optimize your website! In our newest infographic, we have gathered together the most important factors for page speed optimization for you. This will allow you to consistently improve your website’s performance.

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6 min 29/03/2017

Google's Crawl Budget: How It Influences Your Website’s Visibility

Crawling and indexing are two requirements for ensuring that your website is listed in the search results.

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1 min 28/03/2017

SEO for Amazon's Alexa - More Orders via the Personal Voice Assistant

Alexa, the digital and personal voice assistant in Amazon Echo, has already been active in households and offices for several months even in this country.

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5 min 27/03/2017

Colors in Web Design as a Component of your SEO Strategy

Technological factors such as loading speed, or OnPage factors such as content and page titles probably jump to mind when you think of SEO. But your website’s colors can also be relevant for your SEO strategy.

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6 min 24/03/2017

Is Voice Search the Next Big Thing?

Google currently receives 64,000 search inquiries worldwide per second. But to be honest, who didn’t kind of expect this number? The incredibly large amount of data that they must have to process...

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7 min 17/03/2017

5 Tips to Increase Your Shopping Cart Value – Optimize Your Online Shop

In shop optimization, the conversion rate is usually the central KPI in focus. And it’s true that this key figure strongly influences the success of e-commerce.

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5 min 15/03/2017

XXL Instruction: What you should know about robots.txt

Anyone wanting to build a website will sooner or later come across the term "robots.txt". This text file tells search engine crawlers which areas of a domain may be crawled and which may not.

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