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9 min 17.05.2017


Structured data is becoming ever more important for search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google can read this data and use it to enrich search engine results (rich snippets) or for special results, such as the Knowledge Graph.

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10 min 03.05.2017

Blockchain Technology in Online Marketing: Reconquer Your Lost Independence

In November 2008 a trailblazing specialist article on IT history was published under the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto" : "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System".

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6 min 02.05.2017

Semantic SEO Guide

Search engines are currently undergoing a significant evolution in the area of artificial intelligence. In contrast to the original keyword search, Google, with the help of RankBrain and Co., gathers the complete contents of a site and discerns the semantic relationships to deliver the relevant search results to users.

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8 min 02.05.2017

Best Practice Guide: Display Orientation

Over time, Google AdWords has grown tremendously and with it, the possibilities for keyword switching. There have also been a lot of innovations and changes in the Google Display Network.

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5 min 27.04.2017

A Practical Guide to Amazon SEO: How to do it!

Amazon is not only one of the largest online shops and marketplaces on the web, but also the most important source of information for consumers when it comes to products of all types.

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14 min 26.04.2017

PageSpeed Optimization: How Can I Improve My Website’s Loading Time?

When you’re surfing the web, nothing is more annoying than a website that loads slowly. It’s also not a good sign for Google and, for shop operators, every millisecond more of loading time means losses in sales.

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6 min 25.04.2017

User Behavior and Conversion Optimization – Behavior Models for More Conversions

Conversion optimization is one of the biggest challenges facing online shop operators. It’s so much easier to organize and acquire visits to your shop than it is to get those visitors to also order in the shop.

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6 min 19.04.2017

XXL Guide: Status Codes and Their Consequences

If you cannot reach a website or if an image cannot be opened, there is a mistake somewhere. Error pages and "dead links" are a nuisance – for search engines and users.

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6 min 06.04.2017

XXL Snippet Guide

How are rich snippets and "normal" snippets differentiated in the Google search results? How do I ensure that my web presence is evaluated through ratings, stars, photos, or other information?

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10 min 05.04.2017

Common SEO Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Search engine optimization is continuous work and only ensures long-lasting success when many individual steps align. Even small errors can cause big problems in the SEO "gearbox".

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1 min 04.04.2017

Infographic: Page Speed

Optimize your website! In our newest infographic, we have gathered together the most important factors for page speed optimization for you. This will allow you to consistently improve your website’s performance.

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6 min 29.03.2017

Google's Crawl Budget: How It Influences Your Website’s Visibility

Crawling and indexing are two requirements for ensuring that your website is listed in the search results.

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