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2 min 26/05/2017

Company Insights: 3 Questions for our Chapter Lead Irina Hey

As agile working means significant and major changes in a company organisation, we asked three questions to Irina Hey, who is our chapter lead of the marketing team at She tells us more about her role and challenges she daily has to face.

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2 min 10/05/2017

The Monster of Website Optimization - The Internal Linking Monster

Sometimes, it seems like things just won't work when you try to optimize your own website. An ALT tag is missing here, an improper canonical is placed there, and the loading time isn't speeding up despite targeted measures.

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1 min 05/05/2017

3 Strengths You Need for an Agile Work Environment

A lot of people ask us, what employees need to bring along for an agile company and what makes our people so successful Since we believe, that sharing is caring, we would love to let you take a peek behind the scenes and name three top strengths of our employees for working agile successfully.

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