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1 min 05.05.2017

3 Strengths You Need for an Agile Work Environment

A lot of people ask us, what employees need to bring along for an agile company and what makes our people so successful Since we believe, that sharing is caring, we would love to let you take a peek behind the scenes and name three top strengths of our employees for working agile successfully.

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6 min 04.05.2017

Perceived vs. Actual Loading Time: Create the Impression of a Fast Website

For a positive user experience, a website should load in two or at most three seconds. Based on what cognitive psychology tells us, a website should ideally load in less than one second!

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5 min 12.04.2017

Our Journey to an Agile Structure

In 4,5 years of our exciting journey, has grown to a team of 50 experienced experts and young high potentials. Our Co-founder and Managing Director Andreas Bruckschlögl reveals in this article why we have completely reorganized our company structure and how the changes transformed our daily work.

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6 min 13.03.2017

Image SEO: How Do You Properly Use ALT and Title Attributes?

Images and graphics are the most important visible components of a website after the text, so don't neglect image SEO when optimizing your website. All images should contain title and alt attributes so their content can be conveyed to search engines and users.

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1 min 07.12.2016

Infographic: Important Status Codes

Bye bye 404-error pages! In our latest Infographic we compiled the most important status codes for you. This is how you can optimize the quality of your website sustainable.

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4 min 25.11.2016

How to leverage web analytics for measuring the condition of SEO on your website

Since the early days of SEO and search engines, web analytics has been one of the primary tools for every marketer.

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3 min 10.10.2016

A step further: New reports for the Google Analytics integration

A few weeks ago here in OnPageMagazin, we presented the linkage of the Google search console and the Google analytics data into the software in detail. Now, we are even going a step further.

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5 min 20.09.2016

Interview with Fili Wiese

Nowadays website owners want to know how search engines work and try to permanently improve their search engine rankings. Most of them use on-page optimization as a reliable method to boost up the SEO of their websites.

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4 min 17.08.2016

404 Handling – How To Deal with Error Pages

This article will show you how you can quickly identify and deal with 404 error pages to optimize your website both for search engines and your users.

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1 min 11.08.2016

Mouseflow and partner up to deliver a more integral Website Optimization Experience

We at want to make websites around the world better, faster, and safer and set new quality standards. In Mouseflow we have found a perfect partner to work towards this ambition. Together, we aim to offer the necessary tools for holistic website optimization.

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1 min 19.07.2016

Free e-book: How to Increase Your SEO Traffic in 30 Days

Do you want to know how to increase your SEO traffic in a quick and sustainable way? You’ve come to the right place then! Go and get our latest e-book: "How to Increase Your SEO Traffic in 30 Days - Step Up Your SEO Game With This 30-Day Planner".

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7 min 01.06.2016

SEO for Agencies - 5 Reports to Simplify Daily Activities in Your Agency

The road to success often means huge workloads for both agencies and clients. Ryte's reports can greatly simplify daily life in your agency, making tasks quicker, easier and more efficient.

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