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Dr. Kilian Semmelmann

Dr. Kilian Semmelmann

Kilian joined Ryte as Head of Data Science in 2021. He is responsible for growing the organisation into a data-driven company and provide our customers with innovative approaches to extract value from data.

Contributions by Kilian Semmelmann:

6 min 02.11.2021

Website trustworthiness classification: A prototype for reaching billions

Visiting a website entails a kneejerk-like reaction: Do I trust this page enough to stay?
Here, we show a protoype how to predict the trustworthiness of a website and why we see such ideas as important.


5 min 03.08.2021

Google Top 10 Test: How to identify valuable moments of your website

Identify Google Top 10 Tests automatically with Ryte: Save time, improve user experience, gain more traffic.


2 min 26.07.2021

The Ryte Data Lab: Prototypes, features and Data Science processes

The Ryte Data Lab shows how we work with data to develop prototypes, explain existing features and the underlying data science processes.