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About Tirendo.de

The Tirendo Holding GmbH was founded in 2011. Based in Berlin, the e-commerce company pursued a broad and rapid internationalisation strategy and has become a competitive European player. Within two years, Tirendo expanded into 10 countries, while steadily growing its team. Starting with five employees, their team today consists of 150 co-workers. In September 2013, Tirendo merged with the Delticom AG.

It is our aim to facilitate the decision-making process of buying tires and automotive parts so that our customers can concentrate on what is most important: the joy of driving. We have partnered with multiple Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel as our international brand ambassador and moreover cooperate with the ADAC.

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  • Doubled (non-brand) SEO traffic
  • Saved a lot of time
  • Improved website quality

Why did we choose Ryte?

As is often the case with startups, we were lacked processes in the beginning. At first, we could only take care of the SEO basics, as we simultaneously launched new countries and trained interns and juniors. That is why there was neither time nor staff left to deal with a profound optimization.

We then decided to go with Ryte. There certainly are other tools with similar functions, but for us, Ryte was the perfect choice:
First off it compiles all of the necessary website analytics tools in an intuitive layout.
Secondly it is visually appealing: designs and innovative charts make it so much easier to deduce meaningful interpretations.
Finally we found it particularly noteworthy that Ryte provides users with digital marketing guides and tutorials. this section is very useful for SEO beginners. Plus, considering our very international team, we appreciate that there is now a full English version of the tool.

The process

Having tested the tool, we figured out our most important optimization potentials and set up regular tasks. We then determined the most relevant Ryte’s features for us and prepared instructions. Since then, each team member fulfills those specific optimization tasks for the actual country he/she is responsible for. For instance: To unlock our internal linking optimization potentials, we primarily use the reports “Click Path Length“, “Status Codes“ and “Number of Links“. Implementing the processes into our daily workflow went smoothly.

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With Ryte’s help, we were able to successfully optimize our seven domains with a small team. We could detect bugs easily and remediate them right away. Ryte is very useful for us, especially for our internal linking strategy. That way the crawler knows which URLs are most important to us.

Eva Fricke
Teamlead OnPage, Tirendo GmbH

How our company benefits from Ryte

Internal linking:
Status Code Check: That is how we fix the so-called Broken Links and adjust redirecting link targets. This can be extremely useful for pages that are linked site-wide and tend to disappear from view (such as FAQ sites, where there is sometimes a lot going on without you noticing it).

Abandoned Sites:
This is just perfect for our internal link structure. As we are constantly creating new landing pages, we need to ensure proper linking. Moreover, we regularly check if we got something wrong internally, such as links within texts. URLs, for example, should never be linked relatively.

Analysing the Click Path Length, my team can tell immediately if the first or second website layer links to all pages with high search potential. If not, the crawler struggles to get to the most important URLs. That’s why we can switch around our internal link strategy to the respective season. Tyres are a very seasonal product - keywords change depending on the actual temperature.

Tools → My Contents:
This is our favorite feature, because it illustrates all attributes of an URL and enables me to tell if all the important OnPage rules have been observed:

Ryte is one of few tools where you can immediately detect which internal links point to a specific URL.

team tirendo

There was only one thing…

Everything was going well, but there was one thing that prolonged and complicated our analyses: Our strategy.

We decided to only index, target and analyze the internal link structure of a certain number of URLs. That’s what led us to the tool’s only blind spot: It is impossible, to exclude certain sites or whole types of sites from the analysis. Also, exporting and then filtering didn’t work well enough as the tool kept on crashing (ok ok, we do have a loooooooooot of sites).

…but then, Zoooom!

With Ryte’s new and advanced features, we can now filter as much as we want. It is now possible to exclude non-targeted sites and limit our analysis to the sites most important for us.

Ryte has new features like the Visualizer (convincing your boss of a proper internal link structure is easy now) and an even better design.

Killer KPIs

Since using Ryte, we were able to double the SEO-Non-Brand part of our traffic in almost all of our countries. Of course there is more to it than what we were able to improve with the help of the tool, but we want to strongly emphasize that using the tool saved us a lot of precious time. Moreover, it enabled us to make better decisions and massively improve our site’s quality.