Platforms and marketplaces usually have large, complicated websites, making it difficult to keep track of websites’ technical quality and search performance.

The Ryte Suite offers many features to help you optimize your platform or marketplace. Find organic growth potential, identify technical errors quickly, and segment search performance analysis for better results in the SERPs, and happier users.

Segment your search analysis

Analyze the search performance of specific parts of your website by building segments based on a specific page or keyword group. Closely monitor the overall search performance of your segments, and get an email alert if your designated segment experiences a search performance anomaly.

Find organic growth potential with just one click

Easily find potential to increase your rankings and click through rate. Identify underperforming keywords with one click to discover pages that only need a small tweak to get a big increase in clicks on Google, leading to more conversions.

Find technical errors quickly

Schedule daily website analyses and get the results straight to your inbox to be informed immediately of technical issues such as broken pages. See all issues listed according to priority and categorized according to website quality, SEO and content quality, so you can quickly pass tasks to the relevant teams and remove all errors before your users find them.

Improve your search strategy

Carry out detailed analyses of your search performance using real Google data. Discover how users find your website, and for which new keywords you rank for. Prioritise and expand areas of your site that are gaining more traction in search.

How else does the Ryte Suite help platforms and marketplaces?

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