Advertising Media

Advertising Media are instruments that are used in the advertising industry for the transmission of advertising messages. For Online Marketing Advertising Media are used in the field of Affiliate Marketing.


The Advertising Media communicate the promotional message. Examples are online banners or radio spots. There is a close connection to the media. E.g. in the sound broadcast, the radio is the media and the advertisement is the spot. Adverts in computer games are called In-Game Advertising.

Relevance for Online-Marketing

In online marketing, advertisers use advertising media on their website or for e-mail marketing. The aim is to gain the website visitors’ or the mail recipients’ attention. The goal is arousing the customers interest or in e-commerce to make them purchase something. Another option is to place an advert on external pages which are linked to the own website. A commission has to be paid for this service which is calculated by affiliate systems or networks. The abbreviation Ad for "Advertisement" is very common in online marketing to all forms of online advertisement. For the advertising effectiveness study, the “opportunity to see“ rate can be used. This rate says how often a person gets in contact with a certain advertising media on average.


The most used form of advertising media online is still the banner. <ref1> A banner can be presented in various formats, so in different sizes and pixels. In addition, there are several other online-adverts/display-advertising in graphic advertising:

  • Textlink - a link which should attract the users’ attention
  • Placement – Blog authors write an assigned article that mentions or contains the use of the promoted product.
  • Sponsoring – a sponsor supports a (mostly nonprofit) project. In return the sponsor is mentioned by name or banners are placed.
  • Pop-Up – a form of banner advertising which pop up and cover the page’s content when opening a website.
  • Skyscraper – is a high level form of a banner. It is defined with 600 pixels.
  • Sticky Ad – a form of banner advertisement which is bounded to the user’s scrolling, so it covers the content until the user closes the ad.