How to create evergreen content that makes readers and Google happy

Evergreen content is content with a timeless character that brings in long-term website traffic due to its ongoing relevance to a topic. In this article you will find out how to create successful evergreen content and thus boost your website performance.

Ryte Editorial Team

Ryte Editorial Team

The editorial team's mission: to help brands and agencies improve their website user experience. Ryte's content specialists regularly produce guides, explainers and other resources on a variety of topics, from SEO to accessibility, compliance and more.

by Editorial Team

8 min 02.05.2022

SEO content and copywriting, explained

If your website is to be successful, you'll need to provide SEO-friendly content. This means content that makes both search engines and users happy. We explain what good SEO content is, and how to create it.

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5 min 27.04.2022

Website health: How to improve it, sustainably

A healthy website ensures long-term visibility, market reach and higher sales. In this article, we'll show you what to pay attention to when monitoring and optimizing your website, and share some free and paid tools to do so.

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8 min 21.04.2022

AMP guide: How to set up and test Accelerated Mobile Pages

In this article, we explain the pros and cons of Accelerated Mobile Pages for your website, how to implement them, and different tools to test them with. PLUS bonus checklist for using AMP.

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12 min 31.03.2022

Keyword research: A complete guide for beginners

It’s essential for any search strategy, no question. We explain how keyword research works, why it matters, and which tools to use.

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6 min 25.03.2022

How to compress images for your website

Images are one of the biggest culprits of slow loading times for websites. This has a negative effect on user experience. To ensure better loading times and better usability, compress your images with our guide.

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4 min 16.03.2022

Ecommerce SEO: Everything you need to know

Our ecommerce SEO maestro Izzi Smith breaks it down in detail. From technical fundamentals to keyword research, rich results, internationalization and UX tweaks. Every online shop can benefit from this expert advice.

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6 min 11.03.2022

Structured data: Our ultimate guide for 2022

Want to liven up your site's appearance in search results? From product ratings to recipe cards and more, structured data is how to do it. In this guide, we'll explain how to markup the relevant data, what types of rich results are available, and troubleshoot some common errors.

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7 min 04.03.2022

How to get rich results and featured snippets for ecommerce

Optimizing your SERP appearance with rich results and featured snippets can improve click-through rates, and turbocharge your online shop. Here’s how.

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3 min 01.03.2022

4 steps to internationalizing your online shop

From checking local demand for your shop's products or services, to localizing your content and more, there are a number of things to consider when expanding into new markets. Start here.

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7 min 25.02.2022

How to compress HTML and other website code

Page speed is a key performance metric for your website. You can gain 40-70% if you compress HTML and other types of code. Here's how…

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9 min 23.02.2022

Ecommerce content strategy: 5 clear tactics proven to work

From understanding your target audience intimately to nailing your content structure and execution, our complete guide will help you pull people in and close them.

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16 min 18.02.2022

Page speed optimization: How to improve your loading times

A slow website annoys visitors, and also gives negative indicators to Google. In this article, we explain what benchmarks you should be aiming for, which tools you can use to measure your page speed, and offer 24 ways to optimize your loading times.

27 shares Performance

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