What is sustainable web design?

We examine what this actually means, why it matters now more than ever, and share 6 ways you can implement sustainable design in your own website.


Matt Tutt

Matt Tutt is a digital marketing consultant specialising in helping green or “for purpose” businesses to get found online through SEO and PPC. He loves to help worthy causes with their online marketing, ensuring they can get found easily on the likes of Google. Outside of work you'll probably find him in his garden, attempting to grow something edible!

by Matt Tutt

6 min 11.08.2022

How to find and fix 404 errors – explained

"Page Not Found" messages frustrate website visitors, and send negative signals to search engines (which is bad for SEO). Let’s look at how to fix those 404 errors.

3 shares Search Engine Optimization

6 min 08.08.2022

Content curation and SEO, a surprising friendship

Do you think that your company has to create all content itself to improve your Google ranking? Are you hesitant to place external links to curated content on your website because you could lose visitors? We’ll show how content curation can increase the value of your website and also boost your rankings.

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7 min 04.08.2022

Google Analytics metrics: 10 KPIs for your website

Google Analytics can provide powerful insights on your website traffic, whether you're running GA4 or Universal Analytics. We help you cut through the noise to find the most important metrics.

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1 min 01.08.2022

[Quiz] Search intent – how good are you at spotting it?

See if you can correctly identify the search intent for all 8 keywords. Warning: contains alpacas and trick questions.

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12 min 29.07.2022

Search intent: A guide for better SEO and rankings

Ignoring search intent can quickly result in ranking losses, or even failure to rank. We explain the different types of search intent, and how to create content that matches.

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7 min 18.07.2022

How to measure page speed [plus 8 tools to try]

In order to improve your page speed, you first need to measure your loading times correctly. Here's a selection of free tools you can try out today.

13 shares Search Engine Optimization

7 min 13.07.2022

Meta tags for SEO, explained

Compelling meta tags are one of the essentials of good SEO. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use them for more visibility and clicks in Google search results.

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10 min 01.07.2022

Core Web Vitals: A practical guide for website owners

Google's Core Web Vitals were a major innovation for page experience in 2021. We explain why they matter, and how to ensure your website complies with them.

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10 min 27.06.2022

On-page SEO: How to optimize your content and rank better

Don’t neglect the importance of optimizing your content to drive search traffic. On-page SEO is one of the most critical things you can do – we explain how it works.

1 shares Search Engine Optimization

12 min 10.06.2022

SEO reporting: How to measure and share your successes

Good SEO reporting helps you and your team to keep track of the progress and success of your SEO measures. In this article you'll find out what's important, and how you can best set up SEO reports.

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7 min 27.05.2022

SEO ROI: Here's what you need to know

Compared to PPC or other paid marketing measures, the value of SEO is difficult to quantify. In this article, we explain why calculating return on investment is so complicated, what it depends on and how you can meaningfully evaluate it.

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6 min 20.05.2022

How to create evergreen content that makes readers and Google happy

Evergreen content is content with a timeless character that brings in long-term website traffic due to its ongoing relevance to a topic. In this article you will find out how to create successful evergreen content and thus boost your website performance.

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