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Dr. Kilian Semmelmann

Dr. Kilian Semmelmann

Kilian joined Ryte as Head of Data Science in 2021. He is responsible for growing the organisation into a data-driven company and provide our customers with innovative approaches to extract value from data.

by Kilian Semmelmann

2 min 29.07.2021

Your 6 point summer checklist: To make your website user experience unforgettable

The summer is well under way, and for some, that means business slows down. Use this time wisely and optimize your website user experience! Our 6 point checklist will help you focus on what you need to work on.

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2 min 26.07.2021

The Ryte Data Lab: Prototypes, features and Data Science processes

The Ryte Data Lab shows how we work with data to develop prototypes, explain existing features and the underlying data science processes.

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8 min 15.07.2021

Google Search Console: the Holy Grail of Search and Keyword Data

The Google Search Console (GSC) was developed to help website owners monitor their traffic and search performance. It’s such a valuable source of information as it provides real data on how your users interact with your website in the SERPs!

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8 min 14.07.2021

SEO Basics for Beginners

Whether you're new to search engine optimization or just need a little refresher, this beginner's guide will quickly get you back up to speed on the SEO basics.

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8 min 24.06.2021

Take the First Steps Towards Website User Experience

We all surf, search, shop, click, compare and purchase as end consumers on our smartphones and laptops. As website owners, we create project plans. optimize, and monitor our web properties in order to improve the way users find content from your website on search engines. This article introduces you to the world of website user experience and shares strategies proven to optimize sites for high-quality and memorable user interactions.

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3 min 11.06.2021

Amazon-Reviews: Build positive reviews and recognize fakes

Customer reviews (ratings) play an important role in e-commerce, since the potential buyer cannot test or even touch the product on the Internet. Thus in order to make a purchase decision, many potential customers rely on the available reviews.

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12 min 17.05.2021

The Ultimate Guide to the Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a free Google tool that helps webmasters analyze their search performance. This article explains how to set up a Google Search Console account and how to use it to analyze your search performance.

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9 min 10.05.2021

Understanding Entities with the Knowledge Graph Search API

Entities. Admittedly, a difficult topic to grasp, but one that should be familiar to everyone involved in SEO. But what is it all about? This article explains which updates brought entities into the SEO world and how everyone can easily retrieve them via the Knowledge Graph Search API.

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6 min 07.04.2021

Retake SEO Responsibility

Former Google Search Quality Strategist, Kaspar Szymanski, shares his opinion on ownership and responsibility in SEO and shares tips for maintaining healthy rankings.

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3 min 31.03.2021

Tips for your Easter egg hunt - or how to discover hidden website potentials!

Easter is just around the corner - and we can’t wait to get started on hunting Easter Eggs! Maybe the Easter Bunny has even hidden a few eggs on your website that you haven’t found yet. We’ll help you find them!

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5 min 19.03.2021

How to Measure Web Vitals Field Data with Google Tag Manager

Core Web Vitals will become a ranking factor from May 2021. Does your site meet the requirements or is there still a need for optimization? To find out, I'll show you how to use Google Tag Manager to measure and evaluate your users' Web Vitals data.

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7 min 11.03.2021

9 Common SEO Mistakes (& How To Fix Them)

Mistakes happen! We're all human. Here are 9 common SEO mistakes that may be impacting your search performance & how you can fix them.

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