How to Turn your Website into a Pot of Gold this St.Patrick’s Day

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a magical kingdom called Internet. Internet was home to the ancient family of Webmasters. The youngest member of the clan, Patrick O’Webmaster, was very ambitious.


Pauline Mitifiot

Pauline studied history and project management at Aix Marseille University, during which she spent time living in Turkey, Italy and Germany. Pauline then settled in Munich because she could no longer do without her daily pretzel. She has been part of the Ryte team since July 2016, and contributes to the French Ryte Magazine and Wiki.

by Pauline Mitifiot

11 min 12.03.2019

Technical SEO Audit Checklist

A technical SEO audit involves analyzing aspects of your website to ensure it is functioning perfectly. This guide shows you what you need to check.

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5 min 08.03.2019

The Ultimate Guide to Log File Analysis

As soon as a website is online, every time the server is accessed is recorded in log files. The more visitors to your website, the more data you can evaluate with the help of a log file analysis. In this article, we explain how this works, advantages of log file analysis, and what you need to pay attention to.

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9 min 26.02.2019

E-commerce & SEO: 22 Ways to Boost Rankings for Your Online Store

Maximize the traffic to your online business with these 22 useful SEO tactics for e-commerce stores.

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11 min 20.02.2019

Personalization Best Practices 2019

Personalization is still a frontier, and practices are constantly changing. Here are the methods you can use to provide a state-of-the-art personalized experience on any website. The key element to all of it is to increase relevance, novelty, and convenience for each visitor.

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7 min 18.02.2019

How to Measure Page Speed

Google has updated PageSpeed Insights, and has now made it clearer than ever that there are several ways and values of measuring page speed. We'll explain the most important of these measurements and show you how to optimize your website.

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10 min 17.02.2019

JavaScript and SEO - Best Practice Guide

JavaScript and SEO didn't always go well together. Search engine bots, including the Googlebot, couldn't crawl Javascript, so were unable to see any content embedded with JavaScript. Now, Google and other search engines can crawl and render JavaScript. In this article, we show you how to implement JavaScript to ensure that your SEO isn't affected.

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1 min 13.02.2019

The Anti-Valentine’s Day: 7 Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Love Your Website

It's Valentine's Day - love is in the air! But is it on your website? If the romance between you and Google isn't going as planned, here we list 7 reasons where you might be going wrong.

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7 min 13.02.2019

Five things you can do to your Google Ads campaigns every week to keep them from bleeding money

Google Ads campaigns require constant care and feeding. This post explains five important housekeeping items that advertisers can implement to minimize unqualified clicks and ensure their Google Ads campaigns are running efficiently.

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7 min 11.02.2019

Video Schema Markup: How to Use Structured Data on Your Video Pages

This article explains what schema markups are and how they will impact your website's SEO so that you’ll have everything you need to start implementing them.

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9 min 06.02.2019

5 content marketing ideas that do NOT involve your blog

Keep your users happy and engaged by experimenting with these 5 content alternatives to the ubiquitous blog post.

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3 min 04.02.2019

Why edge SEO should be your next step in technical

Edge SEO is a new field of technical SEO that uses serverless technologies to execute Javascript without impacting underlying structure. Dan Taylor, winner of the 2018 TechSEO Boost research competition, explains what Edge SEO is and why SEOs and website owners need to start using it.

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6 min 30.01.2019

Why (and How) to Get Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Mobile-First Index

The mobile-first index is currently being trialed but will soon be the Google norm. Ensure your website is prepared for this shift by satisfying Google’s requirements for a ‘user-friendly’ mobile website.

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