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The term Alexa SEO refers to the optimization of products on the Amazon platform for the voice-controlled Alexa search. In contrast to classic search engine optimization for web search engines, Alexa SEO has the goal of products being easily found via Voice Search with Amazon’s digital language assistant.


Voice-controlled search (voice search) plays an increasingly important role in web search. For example, the US statistics service Comscore predicts that half of all search requests will be voice-controlled by the year 2020.[1]. Some other online marketing experts are now making similar predictions.[2]

“Voice search” has thus become an important and big topic in the field of search engine optimization. Voice-based search requests are mainly performed on mobile devices when one’s hands cannot be used for input. But this is only one application of voice search, because this type of search is closely linked to the use of digital assistants. They are not only supposed to answer simple search requests, but also handle specific tasks. In addition to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple, Amazon now offers its own language assistant with Alexa.

The technology is installed in a special terminal, Amazon Echo. This is a small box which is set up as an Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo in a room. Several highly sensitive microphones inside the devices capture voice commands. The system is a learning system that can handle or execute more and more things with increasing use.

Amazon Alexa Voice Search features

With Alexa Voice Search, Amazon offers its customers various functions which they can use with voice control.

  • Amazon Shopping: Users can directly order selected products from Amazon’s selection using their language assistant. A prerequisite for the availability of the products for Alexa is the “Amazon Choice Badge.”
  • Amazon Skills: The language assistant can be upgraded with small apps, called “skills.” That way, users can allow Alexa to access data from apps. Many different functions are possible, including the weather report, booking train and flight tickets, or ordering food.
  • Amazon Music: Amazon Echo has a speaker turning it into a mini stereo system. Music can be played from the Amazon Music program using voice control. It is also possible to play songs, podcasts, or radio programs via Spotify or TuneIn.

Which data does Alexa use?

The Amazon digital assistant uses various data to deliver results to users. Product descriptions and product titles are used for product search and ordering. The algorithm also uses product evaluations as well as the number of orders. More popular articles thus have a higher chance of being selected by the assistant than less well-rated products.

Alexa uses the data from attached apps for other services. Again, probably ratings and the frequency of usage play a role, which app is considered for which search query. But, users can decide which application Alexa should use.

Goals of Alexa SEO

The primary goal of Alexa SEO is to generate sales of a specific range of products via the Amazon Alexa Voice Search.

Prerequisites for Alexa SEO

Alexa SEO differs from traditional search engine optimization in that only one portal is optimized and the optimization is restricted to the voice search of this sales platform. Moreover, the products must be offered through Amazon Prime and usually carry the Amazon Choice badge. Amazon’s algorithms determine whether or not products can be ordered through voice search. There are no clear statements from the provider about this, just hints.[3]

Important aspects of Alexa SEO

Alexa SEO follows the basic idea of ​​search engine optimization, in other words making web content accessible to a search engine. However, other factors play an important role or the optimization for Amazon Voice Search would not be possible.

  • Amazon Choice Badge: This particular “markup” is given to products that meet certain criteria. This includes products that are often ordered via Amazon and the seller has to offer the products as part of Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon Prime: When a product is offered through Amazon Prime, it must be delivered to the customer within two business days after being ordered. If this requirement is not fulfilled, products cannot be ordered through Amazon Echo.
  • Keywords: Unlike optimization for websites, keywords for Amazon SEO play an important role, similar to the keywords for Google MyBusiness. The assigned keywords form the basis for a successful customer search. The more accurate and varied the keywords are, the more precise the results. Keywords are also important in optimization for Alexa.
  • Title: Product titles are very important at Amazon. Relevant keywords should be used here too.
  • Images: Images are initially not relevant for voice searches. However, high-quality product images are nevertheless important for Alexa SEO because a large selection of product presentations or videos can increase conversions. Increased purchases in turn increase the chance of obtaining the Amazon Choice Badge.
  • Lists and product description: The product description should be clearly structured and contain lists that highlight the benefits and details of the product. The content of the product description is processed by the algorithms of the Amazon Voice Search.
  • Structured data on filters: When creating products, users should create important filters. This structured data assists the search engine to better classify the search query.
  • Increase Sales: With specifically targeted marketing actions that promote the product and increase sales, the product becomes more attractive to the Amazon Voice Search. If you sell a lot, you will therefore increase your “ranking” within the search.
  • Short delivery times: The faster a product can be delivered, the better. It is therefore usually beneficial to ship the products via Amazon.
  • Repeated purchases: The greater the repeat rate for a product, the more likely it is to be included in the Amazon Choice.

Relevance to search engine optimization

The benefit of Alexa SEO is primarily limited to the increase in sales within the Amazon platform. It is to be assumed that the use of the voice search will increase significantly at Amazon as well. Accordingly, optimization for voice search within the framework of Alexa SEO is an important target for retailers, who mainly offer products for everyday life.

Whether the Amazon Voice Search will be expanded in the future with additional products has not yet been determined. It is currently still limited to products which are configurable. For example, if you want to buy a garment in a particular color or size, you will have to know the brand and item number of the product in advance.

Search engine optimization rules overall generally also apply to Alexa SEO. If you want to succeed in the long term, you will definitely need to pay attention to the consistency of your data and make sure it is up-to-date. The amount of sales is likewise a key factor in optimization. The price could ultimately also become an important criterion for Alexa SEO.


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