Container Tag

A container tag is a JavaScript code that allows the user to add, change or delete tags to or from a website through a central location without having to access the source code.

Functional principle of container tags

Container tags consist of a short JavaScript code that is integrated into the source code of the sub-pages of a website. The code is then used to later control the required tag. Here, a variety of complete tags, which are used throughout the entire website, are set in the tag management. The website operator then specifies the various tags that should be displayed through the container tag of a certain page for a specific case. Here, rules are set that for instance, check the visited URLs for specific components. The following are some of the uses of container tags in online marketing measures:

Goals of container tags

Container tags are often used to improve the performance of a website. Instead of always loading all the tags that might be necessary for a page, only those that are required at that particular time are loaded. This increases the page speed. In addition, container tags also help improve the appearance of a page. Since the tags are completely controlled through the tag management, it is also always possible to check the tags that are in use. Furthermore, container tags can also help to avoid manual correction of multiple affiliate commissions.

Advantages of container tags

The biggest advantage of container tags lies in time saving. Manual maintenance of tags is very time consuming, especially for large sites. With container tags, the time required to do this is reduced to a minimum since they only have to be integrated once. The loading of tags can then be controlled from a central point without having to access the source code. In addition, the site operator no longer requires support from the IT department or skilled freelancers for tag management. No technical skills are required for the management of tags. This thus makes it possible to react very quickly to changes. New campaigns can be placed online without delays and deactivated just as quickly.


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