Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer is a software for tracking brand or[keyword] mentions on the web that was made available to Moz Pro users in Spring 2013.

Software overview[edit]

Fresh Web Explorer is web-based software that Moz Pro users can use at no additional cost. It uses the Freshscape Index, which includes more than 3 million RSS feeds and more than 61 million URLs.[1] The Explorer searches the index for the latest mentions of brands, industry topics or other keywords the search engine optimizer is interested in. The Feed Authority metric indicates which mentions are of greater importance than others.

Use of Fresh Web Explorer[edit]

With the help of Fresh Web Explorer, not only can you find backlinks, you can also find mentions of a brand in blogs, forums, social networks or other websites that are not accompanied by a backlink. Therefore the tool is significantly different from other backlink research tools. Fresh Web Explorer can be used for very different purposes:

  • Resurgence of backlinks:

If backlinks have been set incorrectly by other page operators or the link target no longer exists, they can be traced using Fresh Web Explorer. With some communication, the backlink may be revived.

  • Establishing contacts:

The software can be used to find people who have mentioned a brand. Users can create contacts by, for example, thanking people for mentioning them.

Of course, the software also finds negative mentions of the brand. If a customer publicly complains about something that has not gone well, entrepreneurs can seize the opportunity and save their reputation with appropriate customer service.

  • Finding customer recommendations:

Customers usually do not share their opinions with the company itself, but will still share their positive and negative opinions publicly online. With Fresh Web Explorer, users can find positive reviews. Businesses can ask the corresponding posters whether their recommendation may be included as a testimonial on the company website.

  • Analysis of the competition:

Fresh Web Explorer can be used to find pages that mention the competition. This allows for users to directly compare their brand with the competition and track the development of both.

By searching for specific keywords, you can identify blogs and websites that deal with the desired topic and are therefore suitable as potential partners for link building.

  • Reputation Management:

With Fresh Web Explorer, entrepreneurs can constantly monitor how their reputation is developing and take appropriate countermeasures in the event of negative trends.

Meaning for search engine optimization[edit]

The special feature of Fresh Web Explorer is that all backlinks, mentions on social media and on the web can be found and monitored with just one tool. For search engine optimization the Fresh Web Explorer saves SEOs time and provides them with better information.


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