Java Code

Java code is the colloquial term for Java programming, part of Java technology, developed by SUN. Java code was developed in the 1990s by SUN Microsystems as a programming language that can be used independently of platforms and is based on object-oriented programming. Java is one of the most popular programming languages.


The IT company SUN Microsystems worked in the early 1990s on a new programming language, which at that time was called OAK. The aim was to develop a programming language that would be simple, robust and platform-independent. Finally SUN introduced Java to the market in 1995 where it was in competition with the established C ++. In research and teaching, Java partially replaced Eiffel and Smalltalk when object-oriented programming was taken up. Today Java is part of the Oracle company.

Advantages of Java code[edit]

The Java programming language provides users with many advantages, which are of particular importance in polymorphism, which means that different objects can be exchanged without having to modify the basic structure of the code. Therefore if you use Java, applications can be programmed and easily replaced with newer and better versions. This is comparable to a deck of a car, which can be used for different brands and models.

Data encapsulation is another advantage of Java code wherein objects can only be accessed through a common interface. That way the data of the code remains more consistent.

The third principle of object-oriented programming also applies to Java code. It makes inheriting of specifications and implementations, i.e. rules possible. This means that the same routines can be repeatedly used in new contexts.

Another special feature of Java code is that the source code is compiled independently of any particular target system. A bytecode is initially engaged, also called intermediate code, which executes a virtual machine (Java Virtual Machine). For users, this means that Java applications can only be used if both the Java program and the runtime environment are installed.

Where is Java code used?[edit]

Java is used on many different devices due to its platform independence. In addition to desktop computers and tablets, smartphones, game consoles, TV sets and household appliances are also equipped with Java. According to statements from Oracle, Java is used on more than 3 billion devices worldwide. Java was further developed into Java Mircro Edition, short, Java ME, particularly for mobile devices.