OPS stands for OnPage Score. The OPS assists website operators to get a better feel for how well their website is optimized, even in comparison to other sites.

General information[edit]

The OnPage Score (OPS) is displayed on a scale from 1 to 100 directly in the overview of the project dashboard and describes how well the project domain is optimized overall. To calculate the OPS, all URLs within the domain are taken into account, weighted and a total value determined. Through this evaluation, potential problems and potentials of the domain can be directly identified and appropriate measures for optimization can be derived.


Use of the OPS in the Ryte software[edit]

The OPS is a statistical value that calculates the optimization status of the project domain based on various on-page factors (such as the loading time of the webpages and the use of ALT tags. All factors are subsequently internally weighted and normalized. It may happen that different values can depend on each other and, many small errors can be similarly weighted than a few grave errors.

If you take action and utilize your potential better, both the OPI and the OPS should rise steadily. The optimization of the website for mobile devices or the elimination of 404 errors are some of the actions that can increase the OPI.