An eMagazine (also known as an online magazine or eZine) is a digital magazine that provides its readers with targeted information and news. eMagazines are often digitized versions of a magazine, but can also be sent by companies to customers. As part of online marketing measures, eMagazines are used for customer relationship management and can be used on a website or sent by email.


eMagazines evolved from printed magazines and weekly newspapers. As a result of increasing digitalization, publishers had to contend with decreasing print runs. The supply of a digital version could meet demand while decreasing physical circulation. With eMagazines, publications’ advertising customers now had the opportunity to be present online with a high reach.

Some eMagazines are similar to newsletters because they can be integrated into mailings. The difference, however, is that eMagazines are usually scrollable like a magazine.

The eMagazine, in the form of the eJournal, has become commonplace in scientific operations. However, the focus here is scientific publications in the form of scientific papers.


Components and functions[edit]

An eMagazine can be sent as an HTML document by e-mail or integrated into a website. In addition, eZines can also be downloaded as an interactive PDF. In this way, many readers subscribe to digital magazines and can read them offline on a PC or with a tablet.

The structure of eMagazines is similar to that of a magazine. The content includes articles, comments, and product presentations. A clickable table of contents can often be found on the first few pages. Most publishers, however, do not reproduce the electronic versions of their weekly papers or magazines 1:1 to the printed version.

eMagazines can be characterized by several characteristics:

  • Periodic publication or a publication for a special occasion
  • Digitally available as a download or readable in a browser or in special apps
  • Multimedia content (images, videos, applications, surveys)
  • Direct user interaction is possible (users can click on links or leave comments)
  • Can be read online or offline
  • a computer, tablet or smartphone is required for reading
  • To get an eMagazine, an internet connection is required
  • Targeting a specific audience

Benefits for online marketing[edit]

eMagazines can be an important element in any online marketing or content marketing strategy. They promote customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. The can help launch viral campaigns. Many major brands publish their own eMagazines as part of corporate publishing, in which company news and additional product information are shared.

Thanks to its digital form, the eMagazine is also much cheaper to produce than comparable print products. In addition, the range can be increased very quickly and efficiently in contrast to the printed magazine. This makes it easy for readers to recommend the magazine to other interested parties via a link. In addition, a click on a link in the magazine does not cause a direct media break, as would occur when reading a printed page. eMagazine can ultimately increase traffic to a webpage.

The target-group-specific orientation of eMagazines also makes them attractive advertising environments for companies.

Another major advantage of eMagazines is that user behavior can be tracked when the magazine is read in a browser. KPIs such as the dwell time and CTR can be used to measure the success of an eMagazine.