The term Allinanchor refers to an input command for Google search. It will display all pages that link to a specific search term. For example, if you type “allinanchor:” (but without the use of quotation marks), all pages containing links for that search term will be displayed.

General information[edit]

Allinanchor serves the purpose of assessing the strength of other websites. The results are displayed according to their relevance. For example, shop operators can find out where the competition stands with appropriate entries. Allinanchor, however, does not provide information on how many site visits would be required to place well in the ranking.

Allinanchor in contrast to Allintitle[edit]

While the Allintitle input command is restricted to including only keywords and page titles in the search, Allinanchor searches for link texts and backlinks. As mentioned above, Allinanchor, does not provide any insight on the necessary number of visitors. Nevertheless, a lot can be established about the meaning of certain search terms. If, for example, you enter “allinanchor: more visitors” in the search line, you will get approximately 32,500 results. The entry “allinanchor: website promotion” yields more than 440,000 results. The second search term is therefore much more competitive. A third term also specifically targets search on Google: Allinurl. Only search results that contain the entered word in the URL will be displayed. Allinanchor, Allintitle, and Allinurl can be combined to create valuable insight for search engine optimization. The additional use of scraping tools to classify and evaluate the results is recommended.

Allinanchor strategies[edit]

After evaluating the results with Allinanchor, at least two conceivable strategies are possible. On the one hand, you could try to get in direct competition with the providers who are ahead of you on Google. This requires well-planned SEO measures which improve your own entry, in other words, push ahead of the competition. This practice is not always useful and advisable. If the competitors are positioned so strongly that competitive action does not lead to the desired results, a second option is cooperation. Similarities can be worked out and valuable backlinks generated.

The most important website for the exploitation of results is the one whose links contain the most frequently requested search terms. For the researcher, the results provide a realistic picture of frequently searched keywords and word chains, which can be utilized in planning your own search engine optimization better. The Allinanchor search should be carried out on a regular basis in order to always have a current picture of the current scene on the Internet and to be able to react accordingly.

Allinanchor and other Google requests[edit]

Allinanchor and Allintitle are just two of the other actions that can be used for search engine optimization. In addition to the above-mentioned Allinurl, another query option is the search via Allintext. With this type of search only the text area is searched, not the metadata. For example, if you type the command “allintext:,” only results that contain this search term are displayed in the text area.

To get a good overall overview, use of Allinanchor, Allinurl, Allintitle, and Allintext in combination is recommended. Moreover, the Allinanchor search has the advantage that it consists not only of individual terms, but several word chains can be used to check the frequency of the requested terms.

The use of SERPs is important in connection with Allinanchor. SEO strategies can be developed and the most important keywords of the competition can be ascertained based on SERPs and the Allinanchor search. Moreover, countermeasures can be created in order to get newly established successfully or work towards cooperation.

Relevance to search engine optimization[edit]

The use of tools such as Allinanchor and the other types described are indispensable today for search engine optimization in order to get a comprehensive picture of the competition’s websites. A combination of these tools and appropriate software can be utilized to carry out specific analyses and develop SEO handlings.

In particular, if your placement on Google SERPs ranking is deteriorating, Allinanchor can provide valuable data to explore the reason or reasons for any slump. Since the Internet is constantly changing, the Allinanchor search is most effective when it is done regularly. This makes it easier to fill up the higher places in the search engine ranking with matching keywords or to search for suitable cooperation partners.