Google Inc.

Google Inc. is an American company, based in Mountain View, California that specializes in internet services, most notably as a search engine. Google search is known worldwide and has the largest market share in the field of internet search. Its data centers are distributed across the globe, and Google now owns more than 70 offices in over 40 countries.


The two young students Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University originally had the idea to establish an internet search service. They jointly founded Backrub in 1995, the predecessor of the Google search engine. The breakthrough idea was an ingenious algorithm that automatically assessed websites based on their link popularity. They patented PageRank in 1998. That same year, Google Inc. was formally established. Google Inc. owes its success mainly to PageRank, which forms the theoretical basis of the company and has been continuously developed.

Current development[edit]

Over the years, Google has established itself on the search market and is now one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world. With the introduction of Google AdWords, Google Inc.’s most important revenue channel, the company also became known as a pioneer in the field of internet advertising. The largest part of its revenue is generated by advertising on the search results pages. Google AdWords and the complementary platform Google AdSense, make up a large part of the total profit.

Through numerous acquisitions on the internet market and other technology sectors, Google built a comprehensive know-how in the online segment and is establishing itself in technology areas, which have nothing to do at first glance with an actual search engine, but can be considered a worthwhile long-term investment. The group wants to realize Internet connections with balloons and recently bought a manufacturer of UAVs. Google even has a hand in Internet TV with Chromecast.

New innovations are constantly being developed on in the company's own research department Google X.

In August 2015, Google Inc. became the Alphabet Inc. Now Google is itself part of a large corporate conglomerate that Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded following the example of Warren Buffett. Other companies of the former Google Group operate under the name Alphabet Inc. such as the thermostat manufacturer Nest or Google Fiber, and the research laboratory Google X. The core business of the new company remains Google Inc., according to statements by its founders, which includes the web search service, as well as the advertising programs Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Sergey Brin and Larry Page have assumed corporate management of Alphabet Inc. while Sundar Pichai acts as CEO of Google Inc. He had previously taken care of the development of Google products.

Google services[edit]

In addition to the major search engine, the internet giant Google Inc. offers many different online services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Trends and the recently developed social network Google Plus. The Google Now service can be used specifically on smartphones and tablets with the Android or iOS operating system. It is a sort of personal assistant, which can show the user potentially relevant information, although they may not have started an explicit search. Using Google Analytics, visitor behavior on a website can be shown in real-time. Many other products for the web, mobile devices, business, communication or navigation round out Google’s portfolio and complement each other.

In order to provide country-specific versions of Google with new capacities which can be accessed through network peering, the company has established several international data centers.

Importance for search engine optimization[edit]

The importance of the group in the field of search engine optimization cannot be overstated. In Germany, Google is the main market leader for Internet searches by far. Correspondingly, optimization of websites focuses on the search engine from Mountain View, California. That has generated critique on Google to an extent, because the search engine can basically determine where search engine optimization is headed. It defines what is allowed or not allowed. It determines what is Black Hat or White Hat SEO. If webmasters want to accomplish SEO successfully, they cannot get around Google.

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