Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is a value that expresses the level of awareness of a brand as a percentage. Specifically, it shows how many people can remember a certain Brand with or without support.

Determination of brand awareness[edit]

Brand awareness is determined by means of surveys. Participants are asked to what extent they can remember a particular brand or, for example, recognize their logo. Whether they can assign the brand to the correct product category is also relevant. The measurement of brand awareness is important for brand companies, for example in order to be able to respond to a decline in brand awareness with suitable measures. If brand awareness decreases, companies can suffer losses in sales, because familiarity and trust in the brand are important purchase decision factors for many consumers.

Degree of brand awareness[edit]

Brand awareness can be distinguished by these three types:

  • Top of mind
  • Unaided recall
  • Aided recall / recognition

In the tests, the participants are asked which brands they think of when they consider a particular product group. The brand which is named first by a survey participant is called “top of mind” or “tip of the tongue.” Brands that are named and assigned to the right product category without receiving assistance are recorded as unaided recall. When a respondent can only remember a brand after it is shown to him, it is called “aided recall.”

Influence of brand awareness when shopping online[edit]

When shopping on the Internet, you cannot personally check the quality of a product by touching or testing it. The reputation of a particular brand is therefore even more important than for local store business. Consumers associate certain properties particularly with well-known brands and have a specific attitude to a product. Consumer trust in a brand is reflected in their willingness to buy in the online store.

In practice, however, there are still a number of other influences on the purchasing decision, for example:

  • The information being offered
  • The choice of secure payment methods
  • The Loading Times
  • The price

Relevance to search engine optimization[edit]

One possible task within Search Engine Optimization may be strengthening the brand awareness of a company. For this purpose, the Website will be optimized in such a way that more consumers find the information being offered or the online store. As a result, brand awareness can be increased. In this case, increasing brand awareness becomes the advertising objective. Off-Page and OnPage Optimization can be utilized for this. However, additional measures from the area of ​​Online Marketing should be taken in addition to search engine optimization, for example:

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