Content Marketing

Content Marketing works as a Marketing technique that contacts potential and existing customers without persuading them to buy immediately. The main aim of content marketing is to approach customers permanently to the company in order to get a profitable customer relationship. Furthermore, content marketing is used to increase the popularity, to develop the brand, to launch new products and to establish an expert status (Thought-Leadership).


Content Marketing uses online content (texts, pictures,infographics, etc.) with high quality which helps the individual target group with:

  • Information: The users are kept up to date with interesting content.
  • Education: The users get instructions how they could simplify their everyday life.
  • Entertainment: The users get set in a good mood by certain content.
  • Inspiration: The users are provided with ideas that could lead to a personal or professional development.

The users mainly want usable content online like messages or entertainment by web content that is specialized for the target group. A possible way to do content marketing is blog marketing. With content marketing the content is published on diverse media. Popular platforms are social networks like Facebook, Twitter, E-Books or YouTube.


Content marketing is very important for business strategies. By using the marketing content efficiently the company could acquire and satisfy more customers. With a stronger connection between the company and the customer they will bond long term. So according to a higher reputation, a higher market value and a higher profit the company value will increase. Many users become regulars by subscribing to the newsletter and might write letters to the editor. Those letters can help the company to reach the users needs more precise and to stand out from their competitors with improving their content. For SEO the text-to-code ratio should also be taken into consideration. It sets the text of the website in ratio with the code.

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