Content can be very difficult to define precisely. It is a term that refers to the statements contained in a document or publication of any kind and can include information and communication technologies. This covers all media types such as images and text. Moreover, in the field of search engine optimization, the terms duplicate content, unique content, and in-depth articles are used in connection with the word content. Evergreen content is SEO content that is continually relevant and is used to increase the perceived quality of the page.

Comparing information and content[edit]

Often, content is equated with the concept of information since the transmission of knowledge is intended in both cases. Information is the source of knowledge, whereas understanding of content requires a personal interpretation. Content is usually accessible to any Internet user looking for information. Content, such as a blog or wiki article, can also be shared via social media or social news services such as Reddit which reach a variety of users very quickly. If content on a specific topic is collected, processed and published which does not originate from the company itself it is called content curation.

Importance of content for SEO[edit]

Through content you attempt to address the user’s needs and persuade them to stay on a webpage with interesting material. The popularity of a website and the quality of the content is an important factor for ranking purposes. To improve the content of a website, it is important for webmasters to develop universal content where possible. This usually consists of rich media data such as images, videos or interactive buttons.

Google has put together guidelines for relevant content (Webmaster Guidelines). Website content should be relevant from Google’s perspective especially for users, and the headings should be consistent with the text. The Google search engine places particular emphasis on unique content and does not display duplicate content in the index. The Gibberish score is used by the search engine to distinguish unique content from webspam, copied content, and thin content. This was patented in 2009 by Google.

To better understand users, search trends can be analyzed with the help of Google Insights. Ideally this should be used for the content of the website.