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“Domain Authority” is an indicator of MOZMetrics, a web analytics software of the online marketing company MOZ. Its founder is Rand Fishkin, one of the most well-known search engine optimizers worldwide. Due to the large influence of MOZ-blogs on the SEO scene, the term Domain Authority, coined by MOZ, is now also often considered to be synonymous to domain popularity.


The SEO consulting company, MOZ, has continuously developed after its establishment in 2004 in Seattle. One of MOZ’s major objectives is to make predictions for rankings at Google and other search engines. MOZMetrics is a composite of several web analysis tools MOZ has been offering to its customers since 2005 for web analytics. MOZ Domain Authority is one of the KPI, which is recorded from this information.

How it works

The MOZ Domain Authority is determined by proprietary algorithms and metrics which get calculated and prepared by the MOZ-Team. According to company statements “dozens” of factors are involved in calculating domain authority.[1] Through machine learning, algorithms are created which are best suited to provide rankings of many thousands of other websites. Thus, one could argue that an attempt is made to recreate the Google ranking algorithm mathematically. After entering a specific domain you will get a result that tells how close to the “ideal” this website is.

For the evaluation of a website by the MOZ Domain Authority a scale of 1 to 100 is applied, with 100 being the optimum value. The scale is a logarithmic. This means that it is easier to improve your value between 20 and 30 than between 90 and 100.

Domain Authority always refers to an entire domain inclusive of all its sub-pages. This metric is different than page authority which determines the SEO value of a single webpage of a domain. Domain Authority is one of four special MOZMetrics tools developed by MOZ for web analytics.


In conjunction with the paid version of MOZMetrics, MOZ Domain Authority can be utilized as a single tool for a fee and comparisons made with other websites. Domain Authority can also be determined with fewer data by using the free Open Site Explorer from MOZ. Alternatively, you can install the free MOZ toolbar. This enables you to determine the Domain Authority of a website as well.

Benefits for SEO

MOZ Domain Authority is one of many key figures as such as domain popularity or visibility that can assist SEOs in daily web analytics. As with any SEO tool, it is important in the application of MOZ Domain Authority that this statistic is tracked not only selectively, but also over a longer period and comparatively. Because only by reviewing the changes of key figures and comparisons with other sites does Domain Authority have any importance.

In addition to measuring the “strength” of your website, Domain Authority is also used to assess the strength of inbound links. Thus, this indicator is also frequently used in link building.

It is important to know that a high Domain Authority is not a sure guarantee of actual high Google rankings, but rather an approximation that suggests potential good rankings.


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