Traffic on the Internet refers to the flow of data in networks. It can be more precisely described as accesses to websites by visitors. In this context, one also refers to page impressions and visits.


The site visits of a website are measurable and distinguishable in visits and unique visits. Visitors can visit a page more than once. They are identified as unique (unique user) with their IP. The visitor numbers of a website are a good indicator to determine if your own page is interesting to users of the Internet. Appropriate measures must be taken based on the number of visitors increasing or decreasing. During a visit, the user requests various subpages, which count as page impressions.

In order to increase traffic, marketing campaigns can specifically address Linkeratis, who can reach a large number of other potential visitors, such as popular bloggers, journalists or viral opinion leaders.

Page impressions

Page Impressions (PI) are often reviewed as a measure of the popularity of a website. The retrieval of a whole page is measured, with the exception of graphics and Frames. Based on the PI, the operator of a website can decide where the placement of advertising on his website will be most effective. While visits represent the number of visitors, the PI provides information on the website subpages which are most often requested. Webmasters can then differentiate interesting pages from uninteresting pages on their website. This is relevant information for Advertising and effective Search Engine Optimization.

For example, a website has 6 visits per day, with a total of 80 page views. Each visitor would have visited 13.3 pages on average.

Page Impressions are often also called page views.

Analysis of the traffic

The Google Analytics tool is usually used to analyze the traffic of a website or domain. It provides the webmaster with comprehensive data on sales, Conversions, Content, and advertising. Google monitors and collects the visits and page impressions through this tool. The traffic of a website is a ranking factor in the search results for search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing!.

Another example of analyzing user behavior on the web and the Range of websites is AGOF.

Relevance to online marketing

Data on visits and page impressions are important for making decision with regard to the selection and placement of banner advertising. For Advertiser, it is important in this context to determine the reach which your campaign can achieve. Publishers can ask for more compensation for the placement of ads the higher the visits and PIs are. Google AdWords or other affiliate systems, such as, TradeDouble, amazonPartnerNet, etc., are used as systems for online advertising.

These affiliate networks serve as a marketplace for advertising campaigns and as a trustee for remuneration. They also provide the technical infrastructure. Publishers are operators of websites searching for ads to place on their free spaces. Advertisers, in turn, are companies that are looking for suitable advertising partners for their campaigns.