Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a comprehensive tool whereby a user registered as a Facebook administrator can call up fan pages with the side statistics on Facebook. Facebook Insights is an extensive tool for viewing page statistics on Facebook Fanpages. Users do not have to be the Facebook Administrator to access this data. The Insights are available for all Facebook user roles except for live users.


Facebook Insights provides the operators of Facebook fan pages the ability to track the interaction of users and fans and evaluate their development. To this end, a variety of indicators and statistics are made available. They reflect, for example, the gender ratio, age structure or the regional distribution of the users and also show the nature and extent of interaction with a fan through, for example, the reach, visits and posts. This video Facebook Insights Guide provides a first look at the statistics service of the social network.


Evaluations in Facebook Insights[edit]

Facebook Insights provides the ability to review statistics, both in terms of the current status as well as the past development. Some of these are listed below:

  • Number of “Like” indications
  • Post reach (divided into organic, viral and paid interactions)
  • Engagement (Likes, comments, shares, clicks)
  • Page views
  • Demographic reports (country of origin, gender, age)
  • Origin of “Like” indications
  • The most displayed tab
  • External links

Moreover, there is an option to add other fan pages with a similar topic, such as the competition, to Facebook Insights and thus you are able to do a direct comparison. That way Facebook statistics can be evaluated against a benchmark.

Availability of Facebook Insights[edit]

Facebook Insights is available only starting from a certain page size. Facebook determined that a fan page must have at least 30 fans that clicked “Like" so that user statitics can be evaluated. If a page has very few interactions, it can happen that despite reaching this condition the statistics in Facebook Insights are only partially available. This is always the case, when the data is not sufficient to carry out the necessary evaluations.


All data which is displayed and evaluated in Facebook Insights is used anonymously so that no conclusions on individual people are possible. Administrators do not have access to the personal profile information of a user. Privacy (or data protection) is also a reason why statistics are only available starting at 30 Fans. With very few users it could be tracked what actions have been taken on the fan page.