Google AdWords Editor

The Google AdWords Editor is a free tool that allows you to manage and organize AdWords campaigns offline on your own computer. The AdWords account is imported and can be edited from there. The changes are then exported to update the online AdWords account. The Google AdWords editor is particularly suitable for large accounts and extensive campaigns with many keywords.

General information[edit]

AdWords is a product of Google and, for awhile, was only available online. The Google AdWords Editor outsources the online capacities to the PC and therefore allows the effective control of campaigns in offline mode. The Google AdWords Editor is primarily used to make large scale changes: So-called bulk changes can be made relatively easily with the editor. For example, if you want to change the keyword settings of several campaigns simultaneously, the Google AdWords Editor is the ideal tool - especially the bulk editing tool, with which you can effectively implement extensive changes. The Google AdWords Editor is available for both Windows and Mac and is currently available in version 12.2 [1]


After downloading the editor, the download of an account is mandatory. This requires the access data for AdWords. Optionally you can log in with the AdWords Customer Center MCC: This allows you to manage several accounts or customer centers with one login. If you want to edit several accounts with the Google AdWords Editor, we recommend logging in with the MCC.

Advantages of the editor include the drag & drop and copy & paste functions. Both accounts and campaigns can be created and adjusted quite quickly on a large scale. Tools such as duplicate keywords show the user terms that occur twice. Such details make working with the Google AdWords Editor practical. All main functions can be controlled via the toolbar on the user interface of the editor. Statistics can be viewed and downloaded. All data can be easily imported and exported. However, the following must be observed: If several people work on the same account, overlaps can occur. It would be better to consider exporting the data so that changes can be discussed in the team. The Google AdWords Editor navigates through accounts and campaigns using a tree structure. This makes it easier to navigate through several accounts. Text parts can be changed across campaigns and advertisements. This feature, together with the other overarching features are the biggest advantages of working with the Google AdWords Editor. [2]

However, there are also some functions that are not available in the offline editor, such as controlling video ads, approved ads, shared budgets and flexible bid strategies. According to Google, publisher-defined placements and exclusions of websites and categories can also only be used to a limited extent in the editor. [3]

Significance to SEO[edit]

If these are particularly powerful, you can increase the number of page impressions. Also characteristics like bounce rate The data on the web page are data that tell Google something about user behavior. Google sometimes uses these key figures to evaluate websites and consequently these key values influence the ranking. Even if Google AdWords is not directly related to the search results hierarchy, it can be used to drive up the above characteristics. When launching a website, branding or introducing a new Landing Page Google AdWords or the editor can also use

Similar to Google AdWords in the online version, the Google AdWords Editor can be used to influence various web analysis parameters. This allows traffic to be generated with certain keywords. If these are particularly powerful, the number of page views can be increased. Other key data such as bounce rate, dwell time and click behaviour on the website are data that tell Google something about user behaviour. Google sometimes uses these metrics to evaluate websites and consequently these metrics influence the rankings. Google AdWords or the Editor can also be used when launching a website, branding or introducing a new Landing Page.


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