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In Search Engine Optimization, top pages are the subpages of a website which are stronger as compared to other subpages. The term is derived from the Google Search Console (GWT). Top pages are a special subcategory of [[SERP|search requests] search queries which show the websites of a domain that have the best KPIs and for which keywords they can be found in the Index and where.

General information[edit]

Website analyses will provide a lot of data which show optimization potential. You can view individual websites and analyze all websites for specific KPIs using the Top Pages option on Google Search Console.

The available selection allows Webmasters to search specifically for performant or less performant pages, depending on the reference KPI. Thus, tests can be conducted to for long-term website optimization. The Top Pages function was introduced by Google after the company had received numerous requests for such a function, in other words, it was created based on customer feedback.


The Top Pages tab allows webmasters to view different data on all or individual web pages of a domain. Top pages are determined based on important factors, for example, the number of Impressions that the page reaches in search results, clicks, the average CTR of a page, and the position in the Google SERPs.

Changes and trends are also represented in percentages, for example, if a website has higher click rates within a certain period of time. All data are displayed in the form of graphs. The selection can be limited by entering a specific time period. Based on the evaluation, it is subsequently possible to assess which pages of a domain are performant in order to optimize them further. Less performing pages in the search results can also be identified for further optimization actions.

The display of data can be fine-tuned by clicking the top pages with the respective search queries. The search queries that have generated the highest Traffic are, of course, listed at the top. If you click a specific query, additional data will be displayed. At the same time, it is possible to set filters to exclude or combine keywords, for example. A Link that has returned a Ping to a site, in other words, a Redirect, is also listed as part of the top pages. This is how link sources are displayed, which refer to a certain subpage.

Relevance to SEO[edit]

The Top Pages tab is especially useful when it comes to the OnPage Optimization of websites. This is because deep data on individual pages provide information on the performance of a particular URL. Not only data such as traffic, clicks, and impressions can make a webmaster’s life more enjoyable, but relevant information with regard to Google Index positions can be extremely helpful.

For example, Content can be tested for its quality in order to do long-term website optimization and to see how a website climbs up the index, even if it takes some time. Even for specific OffPage areas, the Top Pages tab provides helpful data that not only shows links to the website itself, but also the link that referred to the link which references the website in question. These are intermediate links that show the range of a particular top page.[1]


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