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New Cookies Report: Learn more about our constant companions

Right on time for the end of the year - our new Cookies Report is here. Get insights into your website's first-party and third-party cookies and all the important information that goes with them.

Stefanie Kirschner

Stefanie Kirschner

After finishing her Marketing Masters in Scotland, Stefanie joined the Product Marketing team at Ryte. Always in a good mood, she loves to bring our amazing (new) features & product knowledge closer to our customers. When Stefanie is not passionately advocating for WUX, you can find her traveling or reading crime thrillers.

by Stefanie Kirschner

4 min 16.11.2022

10 things you can do with Custom Snippets

Introducing our new Custom Snippets feature, including custom fields and custom counts! Save time and resources with accurate analysis and automated tasks. Check out all the things you can do with our new feature.


2 min 02.11.2022

Take compliance to the next level: With the new Network Requests Report

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented, which applies to all websites that collect data of EU residents. Part of being compliant is being aware of all network requests that transfer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to third parties that are performed on your website and making sure they are triggered after a visitor gave their consent.


4 min 08.02.2022

New Year, New Ryte: Version 6.0 is here!

To continue with the goal of helping you achieve a perfect Website UX in 2022 and beyond, we have been busy working away on Ryte 6.0 to make it a glorious update packed with features that make your digital marketing lives easier and more effective.


3 min 16.12.2021

Get Set Up for Online Success in 2022

Start your year right. Setting time aside on getting your set-up working will save you time in the long run. We’ve got some handy tips about how you can set up the Ryte Suite to make your life, and lives of your team members, easier once the Christmas holidays are over.


2 min 15.12.2021

Get weekly and monthly search performance forecasts

With our newest feature, you can get insights into how your clicks, impressions and CTR will be performing over the next few weeks and months.


2 min 16.11.2021

Improve your workflow with our brand new Slack Integration

With our new Slack integration, you will be able to get important notifications directly into this work-friendly channel - for quicker updates and less time digging through data!


6 min 02.11.2021

Website trustworthiness classification: A prototype for reaching billions

Visiting a website entails a kneejerk-like reaction: Do I trust this page enough to stay?
Here, we show a protoype how to predict the trustworthiness of a website and why we see such ideas as important.


3 min 27.09.2021

Ryte Suite 5.2 is here!

We’re so excited to announce the release of Ryte Suite Version 5.2! This version includes 10 features to help you improve your visibility in search engines, ramp up your teamwork efforts, and even reduce the carbon footprint of your website. Read on to find out about the 10 exciting features included with Ryte Suite 5.2!


5 min 03.08.2021

Google Top 10 Test: How to identify valuable moments of your website

Identify Google Top 10 Tests automatically with Ryte: Save time, improve user experience, gain more traffic.


2 min 26.07.2021

The Ryte Data Lab: Prototypes, features and Data Science processes

The Ryte Data Lab shows how we work with data to develop prototypes, explain existing features and the underlying data science processes.


5 min 09.06.2021

The Ryte Carbon Neutral Program: Offset Your Website’s Carbon Footprint!

Let’s make the internet carbon neutral, together! Plenty of studies show that websites and the IT sector are big players in global carbon emissions. It’s time to do something about it.


3 min 31.05.2021

How does SEO A/B Testing really work?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? In this article, we explain the science behind the feature.
We released our SEO A/B Testing feature to provide you with a data-driven approach to SEO. With SEO A/B testing, you can test whether website changes really made an impact on search performance.


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