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Thank you for your interest in our company. Here, you can find news about Ryte GmbH, as well as logos, fonts, screenshots and photos of our team for you to download.

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Amelie Fee Baum
Brand & Communication Lead

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Brand Assets

Ryte Logo

The logo is usually used in color. On colorful backgrounds and with transparency (e.g. watermarks) we use the white logo.

Ryte Typography

Our typography supports the bold font used in the logo. Evenly thick and sharp lines of the headings are counterbalanced by the thin rounded font of the main text.

Aa Zz

Headings: Poppins Semibold


Google Fonts

Aa Zz

Headings: Poppins Light


Google Fonts

Ryte Colors







Ryte Photos

If you want to write an article about our company, we are happy to help and provide current photos of our founders, team and office shots for it.

Andreas Bruckschlögl

Co-Founder - Strategy & Company Goals

Marcus Tandler

Co-Founder - Marketing & Brand

Ryte Co-Founders

ltr: Marcus, Niels, Andreas

Ryte Campus