8 min 23/05/2016

Click me! - These snippet tips will win you even more readers

As online marketers, we are always busy crafting amazing posts for both ourselves and our customers. This often leaves us little time and room for advertising on Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

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4 min 20/05/2016

Google Analytics Autotrack

Google introduced a new function on Google Analytics in mid-February: Autotrack. This article shows for whom this function is suited and how Autotrack can be integrated into the website.

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2 min 18/05/2016

Google Mobile Update - the screws are being tightened

Last year, Google caused a turmoil among webmasters all over the world with its mobile update. The rollout, which was termed "Mobilegeddon", and the ranking changes associated with it had been awaited reverently by the entire SEO scene.

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4 min 13/05/2016

Neuroscience findings and methods – from the laboratory to the world

What happens when we walk on the roadside, have a lively conversation with a friend and a car drives past on the street in the background?

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1 min 11/05/2016

Infographic: Let's fix the web

These days, many websites are too big, partially user-unfriendly and require an unnecessarily high development effort. Microsoft and OnPage.org determined some interesting facts about the web in 2016. See the results in this infographic.

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2 min 06/05/2016

Google: We prefer short URLs

In one of the Google Webmasters Hangouts, Google’s John Mueller made an interesting remark regarding URL lengths. This article tells you more about URL lengths and how you can identify URLs that are too long.

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9 min 04/05/2016

The Google Quality Rater Guidelines

Since they’re going to be leaked at some point anyway, we can just go ahead and publish them. – that is probably what drove Google to officially publish its Quality Rater Guidelines.

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4 min 29/04/2016

Scroll Tracking Analysis using Google Analytics

Scroll tracking gives you vital insights into user behavior on your website. Determining and analyzing user behavior on a website and using this knowledge for your online success is an important part of online marketing.

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4 min 26/04/2016

robots.txt – The most common errors and how to avoid them

The robots.txt file instructs search engines how to crawl your site. In this article, we explain the most common errors, and how you can avoid them.

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1 min 20/04/2016

Infographic: OnPage Optimization Checklist

We’ve got it: the ultimate checklist for your website’s OnPage optimization. These pro tips will help you improve your webpage’s quality substantially.

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3 min 19/04/2016

Google: Penalties for unnatural, outbound links

In mid-April, Google sent a warning email to operators of websites on which unnatural, deceptive, or manipulative outbound links had been detected.

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5 min 14/04/2016

5 analyses that were not possible with OnPage.org a year ago

Our software development team never stops working on new and innovative analytical functions aimed to help optimize the quality management of your website.

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6 min 12/04/2016

Google Analytics: These are the 10 most important KPIs for your website

Get to learn the 10 important KPIs for websites and find out how you can easily use the Google Analytics tool to monitor them. A few useful tips are also included to help you assess the performance of your web presence.

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2 min 06/04/2016

OnPage’s Twelve: Focus Bookmarklet

Only a few days have passed since our final article of the successful "OnPage’s Eleven" blog series. Well, our team at OnPage.org did not stop at that. We are happy to announce another new feature of our software: The Focus Bookmarklet.

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5 min 23/03/2016

OnPage’s Eleven No. 11 - Tweak & Go: Shortcuts and tricks

Every week, one of our superheroes tells you about a feature of our new OnPage.org version – that is OnPage’s Eleven! This article is the last of our successful blog series and will show you useful shortcuts and tricks that come in handy when working with OnPage.org.

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