9 min 29.09.2022

[Study] Does Baidu SERP domination make SEO impossible in China?

With videos, ads and other Google services dominating search results in the West, our guest authors take a look at how China compares. Does Baidu give website operators similar treatment for SERP real estate, and how is it possible to win visibility?

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3 min 29.09.2022

Baidu services explained, and how they look in the SERPs

The Chinese search engine offers a wide range of services, from maps to video, content creation and many more. Anyone using Baidu will see many of them appear in the search results for a given keyword. We take a look through 17 of these services.

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6 min 19.09.2022

6 technical SEO mistakes to avoid in ecommerce website migration

Many an ecommerce site migration has been scuppered by technical SEO issues. Don't let it happen to you! From blocking crawlers in staging, to optimizing your faceted navigation and more, we share 6 issues to consider.

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2 min 13.09.2022

Google releases core update for September 2022

Rollout expected to take two weeks to complete; no indications yet on which sites are likely to be affected; release follows August’s Helpful Content Update.

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2 min 12.09.2022

Google updates guidance on meta descriptions

Key examples given of the four most common mistakes site owners make with their meta descriptions, and how to correct them for better clickthrough rates.

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4 min 07.09.2022

404 pages: Our tips & inspiration for your website

With a little effort and creativity, the message "Error 404, page not found" doesn’t need to frustrate or bore your website visitors. Heck, it can even make people smile! We explain why 404 pages matter, and share some great examples.

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6 min 31.08.2022

Conversions and page speed, a natural pairing

Looking to boost your ecommerce sales? We explain the link between page speed and conversion rates, and offer 5 speed tips to help your site load faster.

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5 min 22.08.2022

A hands-on guide to finding (then fixing) your broken links

If you land on a 404 error page while browsing a website, you probably clicked on a broken link or dead link that didn't lead you to your desired destination. Let us show you how to deal with broken links.

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5 min 19.08.2022

Website quality, the X-factor you can't ignore

We look at how the QA process works for websites, including UX, design, content, mobile-friendliness and more. Find out how to improve your website quality.

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7 min 16.08.2022

What is sustainable web design?

We examine what this actually means, why it matters now more than ever, and share 6 ways you can implement sustainable design in your own website.

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6 min 11.08.2022

How to find and fix 404 errors – explained

"Page Not Found" messages frustrate website visitors, and send negative signals to search engines (which is bad for SEO). Let’s look at how to fix those 404 errors.

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6 min 08.08.2022

Content curation and SEO, a surprising friendship

Do you think that your company has to create all content itself to improve your Google ranking? Are you hesitant to place external links to curated content on your website because you could lose visitors? We’ll show how content curation can increase the value of your website and also boost your rankings.

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7 min 04.08.2022

Google Analytics metrics: 10 KPIs for your website

Google Analytics can provide powerful insights on your website traffic, whether you're running GA4 or Universal Analytics. We help you cut through the noise to find the most important metrics.

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1 min 01.08.2022

[Quiz] Search intent – how good are you at spotting it?

See if you can correctly identify the search intent for all 8 keywords. Warning: contains alpacas and trick questions.

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12 min 29.07.2022

Search intent: A guide for better SEO and rankings

Ignoring search intent can quickly result in ranking losses, or even failure to rank. We explain the different types of search intent, and how to create content that matches.

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