Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson is a digital tech enthusiast with 15 years of experience in SEO, analytics, web development, ecommerce, and other web technologies. He currently works as SEO / SEM manager at ComodoSSLStore, where he works to make it easier for any website to implement cybersecurity best-practices.

Contributions by Adam Thompson:

5 min 14.08.2019

How To Improve Webpage Load Speed With HTTP/2: A Beginner’s Guide

HTTP/2 can significantly improve your website’s page speed because it allows browsers to simultaneously process multiple requests over the same connection. In this article, learn how you can easily improve your site’s load speed with HTTP/2.

3 shares Technical SEO

9 min 26.02.2019

E-commerce & SEO: 22 Ways to Boost Rankings for Your Online Store

Maximize the traffic to your online business with these 22 useful SEO tactics for e-commerce stores.

12 shares Organic Search

4 min 15.10.2018

4 Google Analytics Filters Every Website Should Have

This article explains four Google Analytics filters you can use to get cleaner, more accurate analytics data for your website.

92 shares Google Topics

4 min 04.07.2018

5 Free Tools To Help You Better Understand Your Audience

As a content marketer, it’s important to have a deep understanding of your readers to capture their attention and provide information that they’re looking for. This article shares the top 5 free tools writers can use to better understand and connect with their target audience.

669 shares Marketing Practices

4 min 11.05.2018

Google Chrome Will Start Marking HTTP Sites "Not Secure" In July: How To Migrate Your Site

Chrome 68 will start displaying a "Not Secure" warning for any webpage that isn’t secure. Learn why Google is making this update and get the essential information to prepare for the change.

80 shares Google Topics