Eric Kubitz

Eric Kubitz

... aka “Contentman” is founder and head of CONTENTmanufaktur. He also lectures in SEO at two colleges, offers various SEO and copywriter workshops, and is a frequent speaker at conferences (for example SEOkomm, SMX, SEO-Day). The experienced journalist writes mostly for SEO Book, and has compiled his knowledge in a training video for SEO beginners.

Contributions by Eric Kubitz:

4 min 19/02/2018

5 Steps for Semantic, Holistic Content

Admittedly this headline may sound like a typical online marketing catchphrase. We’re already used to 'semantic', but now we need 'holistic' too? But, this is the future of online marketing.

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7 min 08/08/2017

What Content Marketing is NOT

If you talk to five different people about Content Marketing, you‘re likely to get ten different definitions of what Content Marketing is. And that‘s a good thing! Content Marketing is about finding that one, tailor-made, best path to greater reach. But, we should also define what Content Marketing is NOT.

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1 min 04/07/2016

Republishing – The practical guide

In almost all of my articles, I often cause great shock with my 50-50 recommendations: Unlike before where 80% of the editing time would be dedicated to new articles and 20% to the maintenance of the website, I recommend investing at least 50% in nurturing old posts.

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8 min 23/05/2016

Click me! - These snippet tips will win you even more readers

As online marketers, we are always busy crafting amazing posts for both ourselves and our customers. This often leaves us little time and room for advertising on Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

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9 min 04/05/2016

The Google Quality Rater Guidelines

Since they’re going to be leaked at some point anyway, we can just go ahead and publish them. – that is probably what drove Google to officially publish its Quality Rater Guidelines.

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