Fenja Engelhardt

Fenja Engelhardt

As an independent web copywriter for content marketing, Fenja Engelhardt is committed to better content with added value. On GuteTexte.online, the online marketing specialist helps companies be more visible online with good texts, and to inspire people with the right words.

Contributions by Fenja Engelhardt:

5 min 21.08.2019

The 6 fatal errors in content marketing and how to prevent them

Content marketers still make a number of mistakes when it comes to successfully preparing and promoting their content. When your article doesn't drive traffic to your website or if nobody reacts to your post on Facebook, then you probably made one of the following six mistakes.

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7 min 20.01.2019

Top 10 Content Marketing Trends for 2019

In the world of digital marketing, the importance of content marketing is increasing. The way content marketing campaigns and content strategies are created is changing. Users want interactive content, brands with an authentic and likeable face, and a better user experience.

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