Irina Hey

Irina Hey

Irina Hey is a keynote speaker and an expert in the field of customer acquisition, lead generation and data driven marketing. Until April 2018 she worked as a Product Owner of Acquisitions and coordinated all strategic marketing activities at Ryte.

Contributions by Irina Hey:

3 min 21.09.2017

Ryte Receives 3.1 Million Euros

On September 24, 2017, it was announced that Ryte would be receiving financial support from investors Senovo, Surplus Invest and pd ventures.

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2 min 19.07.2017 becomes Ryte is now Ryte - the Ryte way to your digital success. The 19th of July does not only mark the 5th anniversary of but also the 1st day of Ryte.

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8 min 19.04.2017

URL status codes: A complete guide for SEOs

If you cannot reach a website or if an image cannot be opened, there is a mistake somewhere. Error pages and "dead links" are a nuisance – for search engines and users.

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1 min 11.08.2016

Mouseflow and partner up to deliver a more integral Website Optimization Experience

We at want to make websites around the world better, faster, and safer and set new quality standards. In Mouseflow we have found a perfect partner to work towards this ambition. Together, we aim to offer the necessary tools for holistic website optimization.

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5 min 22.01.2016

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – even faster mobile websites

Nowadays, speed is a decisive factor for Internet users. The amount of time that a page takes to load determines whether visitors stay on a website or not. In particular, the increasing use of mobile Internet calls for fast mobile websites.

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6 min 30.10.2015

Tips for Better Website Performance

With just a few changes you can increase your website performance. Exactly what those changes are, how you should ideally go about it, and what you should pay attention to has been condensed into four tips below.

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2 min 17.06.2015

What are Cookies?

“Cookies need to be enabled” – every Internet user has probably come across this phrase before. But what does it actually mean? What are Cookies? And what happens if I activate them or decide not to?

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