Izzi Smith

Izzi Smith

Izzi is Product Marketing Team Lead at Ryte, as well as a passionate WUX advocate that loves to support everyone in creating better websites for their visitors. Izzi regularly presents at Ryte’s webinars and industry conferences, where she enjoys sharing her expertise and memes. When she's not optimizing, you can find Izzi at one of Munich's beer gardens or playing video games.

Contributions by Izzi Smith:

15 min 19.12.2022

The ultimate guide to auditing websites

Discover why website audits are important for your business, define your website audit goals and more.

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4 min 16.03.2022

Ecommerce SEO: Everything you need to know

Our ecommerce SEO maestro Izzi Smith breaks it down in detail. From technical fundamentals to keyword research, rich results, internationalization and UX tweaks. Every online shop can benefit from this expert advice.

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7 min 04.03.2022

How to get rich results and featured snippets for ecommerce

Optimizing your SERP appearance with rich results and featured snippets can improve click-through rates, and turbocharge your online shop. Here’s how.

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3 min 01.03.2022

4 steps to internationalizing your online shop

From checking local demand for your shop's products or services, to localizing your content and more, there are a number of things to consider when expanding into new markets. Start here.

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9 min 23.02.2022

Ecommerce content strategy: 5 clear tactics proven to work

From understanding your target audience intimately to nailing your content structure and execution, our complete guide will help you pull people in and close them.

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7 min 15.02.2022

How to do ecommerce keyword research in 2022

To drive highly-relevant traffic to your online shop, you need a solid grasp of the search terms that potential visitors use. Our ecommerce SEO queen clarifies how to analyze your current keywords, accurately assess searcher intent and research ripe new opportunities.

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3 min 14.02.2022

Rekindle the flame: 5 quick changes to make your website lovable again

Every relationship can use a little fresh spark sometimes. Especially around Valentine’s Day. And that includes the way your customers relate to your website.

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10 min 03.02.2022

How to do technical SEO for ecommerce in 2022

Don't panic – if your online shop is having issues with technical SEO then our resident website whisperer Izzi Smith can help.

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4 min 16.04.2020

What did we learn after 1 month of COVID-19? A behavioral analysis of search shifts using real GSC data

We conducted an analysis to evaluate how searcher behaviour shifts during the COVID-19 crisis has impacted different industries. Using our extensive pool of Google Search Console Data, we analyzed the clicks, impressions, CTR and position of keywords from 4800 domains to get valuable insights into which industries have profited, and which have lost out. In this article, we share our learnings, and give advice how to adapt your website and SEO strategy to the current situation.

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7 min 20.03.2020

How to diagnose and deal with faceted search problems

Are you struggling to control all the different URLs automatically created by faceted search issues on your site? Let's fix that.

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6 min 10.01.2020

SEO New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

The start of a new year can be the perfect time for us to overcome bad habits and gain positive changes we’ve been hoping to carry out for a while. However, these ambitious “New Year's Resolutions” can be hard to commit to and often end up discarded come mid-January.

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9 min 27.11.2017

Practical Insights on Winning Featured Snippets – Findings from Sixt

In this article, I explain why it's so important to get with the trend of featured snippets, best practices into achieving them, and some nice case studies from our efforts on Sixt's domains.

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