Johannes Stabel

Johannes Stabel

Johannes Stabel is head of SEA at Internetwarriors and is in charge of the functional and operational direction. Internetwarriors is a full service online marketing acency supporting businesses of all kind with the strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of online marketing measures.

Contributions by Johannes Stabel:

8 min 02.05.2017

Best Practice Guide: Display Orientation

Over time, Google AdWords has grown tremendously and with it, the possibilities for keyword switching. There have also been a lot of innovations and changes in the Google Display Network.

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6 min 15.12.2016

AdWords Christmas Tips – Big shopping

Preparations for the 2016 Christmas business are already in full swing. First sales records will have been achieved by as early as late November during the cyber week, and companies are battling it off with promotions, trying to draw consumer interests to their products.

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4 min 21.09.2016

New ad format – The enhanced text ads

What exactly has been going on with Google? Definitely what many online marketing experts have been wondering. Profound changes, one after the other, have been taking place in AdWords despite the advertising business being one of Google’s main sources of revenue. The last highlight of this wave of innovation must be the introduction of enhanced text ads (ETA), which will be the main focus of this article.

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5 min 09.08.2016

Local AdWords: 3 creative ideas for locally targeted AdWords campaigns

Nowadays, the highly competitive market requires online advertisers to be extremely creative in order to survive. The steadily rising click costs (CPCs) are a major challenge in this case.

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