Josefa Niedermaier

Josefa Niedermaier

After completing her German and English studies, Josefa turned to web copywriting. When she's not writing, she's reading - and that's why she's a senior copywriter at the SEO agency Evergreen Media®, where she's extra-picky when writing. Often to the chagrin of her colleagues - (almost) all of them have already heard: „There's still a mistake...“

Contributions by Josefa Niedermaier:

7 min 05.11.2020

UX writing: Copywriting tips for a positive user experience

So you think good writing equals good website copy and there’s not much that can go wrong? False! You can't just use any text on your website, you need UX writing. Why you may ask? Easy: Good UX copy guides us through the page, encourages us to come back, and leave an overall impression of a good user experience. In this article, learn how to get started with UX copywriting and microcopy - and what it actually is in the first place!

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