Jürgen Eppinger

Jürgen Eppinger

After his studies in Media Technology and a few online marketing positions with big firms around Vienna, Jürgen moved to Linz to work with the PPC software agency Smarter Ecommerce. He also teaches in the Marketing sector, is interested in different programming languages of all genres, and is a Raspberry PI enthusiast.

Contributions by Jürgen Eppinger:

7 min 13.08.2018

Attribution Modeling: The Future of Marketing

Marketing is going through a period of radical change. This applies to all areas: traditional retail, industrial enterprises, online platforms, and many others.

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6 min 25.08.2017

In-Store Visits – How to Combine the Measurement of Your Online and Offline Conversions

Measuring the relationship between online and offline statistics has been one of the biggest challenges since the founding of the internet. In-store trade is still significant despite the increasing digitalization in recent years.

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