Kathrin Schubert

Kathrin Schubert

Kathrin Schubert studied literature and works as an author and a copywriter. As an extended member of the Ryte family, she supports the editorial department with her acute SEO knowledge. She writes web texts for companies, journalistic articles for magazines and blogs, and has published two biographies. She supports small and medium size enterprises in optimizing their content. Kathrin is also a blogger and holds talks for SEO beginners.

Contributions by Kathrin Schubert:

3 min 05.07.2017

The Monster of Website Optimization - The Redirects Monster

Whether a relaunch with a new domain or a change in Content Management System, redirecting is always necessary when websites are being restructured.

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3 min 27.06.2017

The Monster of Website Optimization - The Thin Content Monster

The key player in today's monster article is the cunning thin content monster. Until October 2014, it freely haunted the internet.

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6 min 19.06.2017

International SEO Guide - Optimization with hreflang and Co.

If you want to target users across the globe, you need to create international versions of websites to appeal to your global audience. Then, you need to make sure that these international versions of your site perform well in Google for your potential users to find.

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5 min 24.05.2017

Pagination - The Practical Guide for Beginners

Pagination is a widely discussed topic, and can cause considerable problems for online retailers. In this article, you will learn which aspects to take into account when creating a correct pagination.

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6 min 02.05.2017

Semantic SEO Guide

Search engines are currently undergoing a significant evolution in the area of artificial intelligence. In contrast to the original keyword search, Google, with the help of RankBrain and Co., gathers the complete contents of a site and discerns the semantic relationships to deliver the relevant search results to users.

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