Leonard Metzner

Leonard Metzner

As a freelancer, Leonard Metzner helps companies generate more organic traffic. The former in-house SEO does not think that search engine optimization will soon be irrelevant. As a commercial information technology specialist, he has developed a passion for automation and SEO tools.

Contributions by Leonard Metzner:

5 min 08.11.2017

Is User-Friendly Content and SEO a Contradiction?

User-orientated content is currently the solution to many SEO questions, as is the new saying: optimize topics instead of keywords.

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5 min 07.08.2017

Wikipedia Case Study - 8 Tips for Optimizing Technical Terms

There are various assumptions as to why Wikipedia usually appears in search results, often in 1st place. The reasons range from an extremely strong domain authority to good internal linking, leading to preference by Google.

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