Maximilian Alexander Koch

Maximilian Alexander Koch

Maximilian is a copywriter and aspiring psychotherapist. His SEO journey started with the creation of product comparison pages. After writing day and night about washing machines, telescopes, and beer taps, he was able to join Google's top ranks with the help of his link building team. Then the market was taken over by large comparison platforms. Maximilian switched to his own books and created SEO content for Geldhelden, Bitcoinmag and Wallstreet Online. Meanwhile, he is an Amazon bestselling author and enjoys writing for Ryte.

Contributions by Maximilian Koch:

8 min 15.12.2022

How did Google Search evolve in 2022 and what will follow in 2023?

How has Google Search changed in 2022? What impact did the algorithm updates have? And how can you get more organic visibility in 2023? Find out in this article.

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