Miriam Deck

Miriam Deck

Miriam is Content Marketing Manager at Ryte. As a former SEO consultant, her heart beats for organic performance and especially for good content. When she’s not working on new content for Ryte, you can find her in nature hiking, swimming or eating with good friends.

Contributions by Miriam Deck:

3 min 05.12.2022

Website Cookies & Compliance: What Companies need to know

Cookies are part of every website. But what do you have to watch out for when it comes to website compliance and data protection? Find out in this article.

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10 min 01.07.2022

Core Web Vitals: A practical guide for website owners

Google's Core Web Vitals were a major innovation for page experience in 2021. We explain why they matter, and how to ensure your website complies with them.

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12 min 10.06.2022

SEO reporting: How to measure and share your successes

Good SEO reporting helps you and your team to keep track of the progress and success of your SEO measures. In this article you'll find out what's important, and how you can best set up SEO reports.

3 shares Search Engine Optimization