Nico Westermann

Nico Westermann

Nico Westermann creates and develops websites. In 2008, he trained as a media designer in a web software agency. He is now a freelancer and specializes in web presentations for SMEs. His focus is front end design and realization.

Contributions by Nico Westermann:

5 min 02.12.2016

7 beginner tips: Web design basics for better conversion rates

A good conversion rate is the goal of every website operator and is crucial for the success of a website. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who perform a desired action, mostly a purchase or order placement.

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5 min 07.11.2016

5 tips for beginners – this is how you use videos for online marketing

Attention guaranteed: Over the last years, videos have become an important tool for the online marketing sector, even though this medium has only been accessible to a broad public for a few years. It took the invention of broadband internet to solidify the role of moving images in the online world.

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